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#HQBeautyHacks : How to Make Perfume Last Longer

For most of us gals, a spritz of perfume is the finishing touch to our look. Once you’ve picked out your killer outfit, created the perfect makeup look, and got your hair on fleek, a spray of your signature scent is like the cherry on top, but it can be such a pain when a few hours later, your perfume has worn off. We’ve got the perfect beauty hack for how to make perfume last longer, so your scent can slay all day!

How to Make Perfume Last Longer

So how do you make your perfume last all day? We tested out some methods, found the best, then took to the studio once again with Charmie to show you how to make your perfume last longer. Take a look at the #HQBeautyHacks tutorial below!

Step 1: Apply A Balm To Your Pulse Points

Pop a little bit of lip balm onto your pulse points, or anywhere you’re planning to spritz your perfume. We recommend your wrists, neck, inner elbow and back of your knees.

Step 2: Spray Perfume Where You Just Applied Balm

Next, spritz your perfume where you just applied your balm. The balm on your skin will hold in your scent longer!

Our Favourite Scents

Now you know how to make sure your perfume lasts all day long, take a look at our fave scents below!

Which perfume are you loving at the moment? Let us know over on Twitter & Instagram, tag @HQhair and use #HQBeautyHacks!



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