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Mio Skincare Review | HQhair Blog

If our weekends are anything to go by, then we defs need some detoxifying skincare in our lives. Cue: Mio Skincare. They’ve recently launched a brand new clay mask that’s been created for you to use on your body, helping to draw out impurities and reveal refreshed skin. Rosie from team HQ took a tube home to try out, and this is exactly what she made of it…

Mio Clay Away Review

Mio Clay Away Review

First Impressions

In simple tube packaging, this will fit easily into our shower routine, and do it for the ‘gram.

The product is a cooling clay texture that would be great for using after the gym, or during the summer months – we can already tell it’ll be great for detoxifying skin as it instantly cools skin on first application.

We absolutely love the smell too. It’s very “spa”-like, and different from a lot of the other bodycare products in our collection

mio clay away | HQhair Blog


Rosie squeezed a little bit out of the tube onto her fingers, and then gently massaged into dry skin, before leaving to dry for about ten minutes. The main reason why we love this body mask is that it’s got two uses: you can use it in place of your daily shower gelor you can use it as a body treatment, much like you’d use a face mask.

By leaving Mio Clay Away on skin for about ten minutes, Rosie gave time for the powerful antioxidants Matcha Tea to neutralise the effects of impurities on the skin and Witch Hazel to clarify pores. By letting both White and Rosa Clay dry, impurities will be brought to the surface of the skin, and by gently buffing off with hot water and a flannel, your body will be gently exfoliated.

mio skincare reviews | HQhair Blog

Mio Skincare Review: The Results

After washing Clay Away off properly, Rosie was left with cleansed and glowing skin – we’re definitely ditching the basic shower gels from now on!

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