Discover bestselling skincare brands, including: PIXI, GLAMGLOW and The INKEY List.

When it comes to skin care, it can be pretty easy to be lazy and forget to remove your makeup, not bother moisturising, and as for exfoliating... 

We're here to help you achieve the best base for your face! Skin care is the key to ensuring you have that fresh and healthy glow, and knowing and understanding your skin is the first step to having complete control over it's health. If you haven't discovered your skin type yet, first take a look at our 'What is my skin type?' guide. 

Once you know your skin type and what your skin needs, you will be able to feed it the right ingredients to treat any problem areas and keep skin looking vibrant and fresh, and hey, who doesn't want to look like they've had a full 9 hours sleep every morning? From cleansers to toners and exfoliants to moisturisers, HQhair has all the skin care you'll need! Our Skin Care Essentials blog post has all of our must haves for every skin type.