#HQscare: Trick Or Treat? Your Favourite Halloween Sweets Ranked In Order Of Calories

#HQscare: Trick Or Treat? Your Favourite Halloween Sweets Ranked In Order Of Calories

Whilst it’s easy getting wrapped up in the calorie-inducing trick or treating that comes with every October 31, you might want to put down the sugar-coated jellies. We’ve done some digging and it turns out that everyone’s favourite Halloween sweets contain more calories than you’d first imagine. Our sincerest apologies in advance for anyone whose a fan of jelly snakes. There’s always duck apple I guess…

So here they are, your favourite Halloween sweets ranked in order of calories.

1. Jelly Beans: 6 Calories

If you’re all about the fruity flavours, you’re in luck! Jelly beans are a mere 6 calories each making them the perfect treat to enjoy this Halloween. Bonus points if you manage to acquire Jelly Belly’s as this variation are two calories less (it doesn’t sound a lot… until you eat the whole bag).

2. Wine Gums: 17 Calories

Contrary to popular belief, wine gums won’t get you drunk however, they will provide you with a sufficient sugar fix for a relatively small number of calories. At just 17 calories a pop, you can enjoy 5 without breaking the dreaded 100 barrier.

3. Jelly Babies: 18 Calories.

Ah Jelly Babies, the marmite of the confectionery world. A  fair addition to your Halloween sweets collection, Jelly Babies come in at 18 calories a go. Not bad, if you ask us.

4. Fudge: 59 Calories.

Made of pretty much all the unhealthy stuff, fudge stands tall as one of the most calorific sweets to enjoy this October 31. At 59 calories a slice, vanilla is your lowest calorie choice, closely followed by banoffee.

5. Yellow Belly Snakes: 210 Calories.

Whilst Yellow Belly Snakes are ten times as big as your average Halloween sweet, they still contain over 200 calories. When you consider the fact that this is 35 – yes, you read that correctly – 3-5 Jelly Beans, you really have to ask yourself how much you want one…

Here are a few other Halloween sweets you may want to think twice about eating this October 31…

  • Fizzy dummies: 16 Calories.
  • Milkshake bottles: 17 Calories.
  • Fried eggs: 23 Calories.
  • Cola bottles: 24 Calories.
  • Sweet bananas: 30 Calories.
  • Strawberry Cables: 55 Calories.
  • Chocolate brazil nuts: 81 Calories.