The Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2018 | #HQscare

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2018 | HQhair Blog

We dived into the HQhair beauty blog archives to discover the best Halloween makeup tutorials we’ve created, so you can make sure you’ve got a quick Halloween costume to slay in this year. Keep scrollin’ to make sure you’re in the know on the must-try tuts this year.

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Keep scrolling to see the tutorials we’ve created in collaboration with Illamasqua makeup.

  • Blood Tears
  • Corpse Mouth
  • Translucent Skin and Veins

Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2018

Blood Tears

Halloween Makeup Tutorials: Blood Tears | HQhair Blog

What You Will Need: Illamasqua Creative Colouring Pencil, Daemon Powder Eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Blending Brush, Berber Pure Pigment, Sealing Gel and Angled Eyeliner Brush.

  1. Sketch Creative Pencil over eyelid & line bottom lash line. Blend.
  2. Buff Daemon Eyeshadow over the blended pencil to set.
  3. Press Berber through centre of lid.
  4. Mix 1-2 drops of Sealing Gel to Berber Pigment.
  5. Line underneath the bottom lashes making sure to avoid waterline.
  6. Paint in a dripping blood tear shape from inner corner of the eye.

Corpse Mouth

Halloween Makeup Tutorials: Corpse Mouth for Zombie | HQhair Blog

What You Will Need: Illamasqua Eclipse Lipstick, Intrigue Blusher, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Infinity Precision Gel Eyeliner and Round Buffing Brush.

  1. Buff the white Eclipse Lipstick all over mouth area and set with Intrigue Blusher for an opaque white finish.
  2. Using Illamasqua Precision Ink Liner, paint a fine horizontal line from the corners of each side of the lips resulting in a widened mouth effect.
  3. Paint a fine vertical line through the center of the top and bottom lip
  4. Echo these fine vertical lines along each side of the mouth
  5. Line the inner top and bottom lip area with Infinity Liner.

Translucent Skin & Veins

Halloween Makeup Tutorials: Zombie see through skin and veins | HQhair Blog

What You Will Need: Skin Base 02, Loose Powder 010, Navy Pencil, Severity Colouring Pencil and Lip Brush.

  1. Polish Skin Base 02 all over skin to create a pale and translucent finish with a makeup brush.
  2. Using a sharpened Navy Colouring Pencil, gently trace a faint line in the shape of a vein across the cheek. Branch off with additional veins ensuring you use a light pressure.
  3. Deepen parts of your lines with Severity Colouring Pencil.
  4. Follow through your lines with a clean Lip Brush to soften the veins into the skin.
  5. Set with Loose Powder 010.

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