Blondes will certainly keep having all the fun if Redken’s latest launch is anything to go by. The Blonde Idol range, fronted by the beautiful Canadian model Jessica Stam, contains a range of products that are designed to keep your blonde, colour-treated or highlighted hair fresh, vibrant and bright.


Boasting a sulphate-free Shampoo as part of the core Blonde Idol collection, the range also features innovative custom-tone conditioners which are available for warm blondes or cool violet-toned blondes and feature a unique, dual dispenser system that can be adjusted based on how long it’s been since your last dye job.


How do you use the Blonde Idol conditioners?

Minimum Colour Deposit
This is for when your hair has been colour-treated in the past 1-2 weeks and you want the Blonde Idol Conditioner to simply help maintain your hairs tonality whilst also strengthening, conditioning and preserving the quality of your hair.

Medium Colour Deposit
To be used 3-4 weeks after hair colouring when your hair’s tone needs slightly adjusting due to colour fade. This medium colour deposit is also great for when your hair has had some sun exposure or after a swim when blonde hair can seem green in tone.

Maximum Colour Deposit
This is great for hair that has been coloured 5-6 weeks ago and has become brassy or flat. You can also use this setting when your hair has had extreme sun exposure or excess swimming.

So whether you’re a golden toned, beach blonde beauty or you prefer cool, platinum blonde violet locks, this wonderfully innovative range by Redken is sure to keep your hair looking salon-fresh and vibrant until your next set of highlights!

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