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Holla if you’re gonna be a baller this month? If you’re prepping to go out out, then you’re gonna want to make sure you’re a bronzed babe with a perf’ tan. We’ve developed the ultimate guide to the best fake tan out there so you can be your own glow goals.


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Best Fake Tan for Legs

If you’re lookin’ for the perf’ tan for your legs, then your best options are between a spray/mist and a mousse. A mousse is the best option for precise application, although make sure you buff it in to avoid a streaky application. If an even, lightweight coverage is your goal, then opt for a spray tan. This will give you a great even coverage, however make sure you’re in a confined area as things can get a lil messy.

Make sure you prep your skin first (more on exfoliators and body scrubs later!) to make sure you avoid getting tan in your pores and encourage an even, streak-free application.

Best Fake Tan for Face

If you’re after the best fake tans for your face, then opt for formulas which are lighter in texture. This means that they’re less likely to clog your pores (anything to avoid a breakout) and help to moisturise like your standard chosen skincare.

We love the below lotions specially formulated for your face, each having a lil something something making it different from fake tans for your body. Just make sure to blend into your neck, as no one wants permanent tan lines.

Best Instant Fake Tan

Too busy to wait for your tan to develop? Or, let’s be honest, someone’s suggested an impromptu night out… tonight? We know the struggle, and we know what it’s like to need a tan quickly. Enter: instant fake tan.

Instant tans are generally a mousse or cream, meaning you can rub them in (using a tanning mitt) to the areas required, they’ll develop fairly quickly (generally within the hour), and you can wash them off the morning after in your shower.

We’d advise against using these on a rainy day, however these are great for last minute plans. Social calendar, let’s do this.

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Best Gradual Tan

Not ready to commit to an evening of tanning (and waking up to slightly orange bedsheets)? No fear, babe. Treat yo’ self to one of the best gradual tans around.

Pre-mixed with moisturiser, these are meant to replace your daily body moisturiser. They still hydrate your skin, however have a small amount of fake tan mixed in, which develops over the next few hours after application. As the amount of tan is smaller than your standard, you can reapply quite a few times to build up the intensity of your colour, although for a quicker result there are dark gradual tan products also available.

We’d recommend washing your hands after application, as even though there’s less tan in the product making it less potent, you can still definitely end up with the feared tan fingers, whether you’re using a dark gradual tan or light!

Best Bronzers

Want a quick fix, rather than a semi-permanent solution? Then bronzer is always gonna be your best bet.

Buffed into the temples, forehead, nose and top of cheekbones, a bronzer can be the best fake tan alternative for daily use, or for upping the bake on a night out.

Look out for bronzers which match your natural skin tone, whether you’re warm, cool or neutral toned. Quite a few bronzers also include minuscule glitter particles, so keep in mind whether you’re after a matte or shimmer finish.

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Best Exfoliators and Body Scrubs

Of course, before you fake tan you’ve gotta prep your skin for the good stuff. To minimise tan settling in pores and applying patchily, we’d recommend removing hair, exfoliating and moisturising the day before, leaving your skin prepped and primed for adding a lil glow.

When exfoliating, move your hands in circular motions with the body scrub, ensuring that you pay particular attention to the naturally dryer parts of your body, namely your knees, elbows and heels. If you wanna give your body an extra treat, pay attention to the areas where cellulite builds up, and brush your hands in the direction of your heart to target this super annoying skin habit. We’re all about a multi-tasking body scrub/

Best Fake Tan Accessories

If you wanna make your fake tan routine extra af, then accessorise to the max. We’ve popped our edit of the best fake tan accessories below.

Bronzie are known for their back tanning mitt, which helps to alleviate the awkward “can’t reach my back” situation, and the onesie is perf’ for making sure that there are no ruined sheets come morning (RIP once white sheets we loved).

We also love Skinny Tan‘s luxury application roller, helping to ensure an even application and sunkissed glow goals every time.

Time to be a bronzed babe.

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