Valentine’s Gifts For Him: Mankind Editors Picks

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and let’s be honest, us gals need a little bit of help when it comes to buying for men. Apparently, food is the way to a mans heart, but we want to give our guy some fresh new grooming goods! That’s where the fellas over at Mankind come in! They’ve put together a guide to Valentine’s Gifts For Him, so that we can be stress free this Valentine’s Day! We do think they might be hinting though…

Valentine’s Gifts For Him: Mankind Editors Picks

Valentine’s Day… Ah, the most romantic time of the year. But are you still looking for some grooming gifts to sweep away your fella? Don’t panic. When it comes to shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for us guys, it’s not half as hard as you might think. We are simple creatures really, despite any rumours your may have heard….

You won’t have to go trawling the high streets and you can even save yourself the pleasure of skipping over to the dark side and visiting us at Mankind if you like (although we do recommend you take a peek, or at least tell your special guy about us). You can find a heap load of stuff here at HQhair when treating your man this February.  We’ve asked our grooming guru’s to whip up a list of the most wanted gifts for him from HQhair and here they all are, presented to you gals in one wonderful blog post – who says we don’t know how to treat a lady? We’re giving you the gift of time here, alongside a bunch of great ideas on what to get him this Valentine’s.

Our first pick from the HQhair collection for fragrance for men is this excellent set  of 4 colognes from Trumpers: with 4 different scents to choose from, we’ll never go back to thinking a squirt of deodorant from the Supermarket will suffice for our daily sniff. Presented a sleek box, this’ll take pride of place in our bathroom, ready to team the different scents with each occasion.

If you’re going out for a romantic meal this Valentine’s Day then we know as well as you do that garlic breath isn’t going to win any hearts. Drop the hint subtly with the Marvis Toothpaste rangeour favourite is the Cinnamon variety, which reminds us of those atomic fireball sweets we used to get after a game of footy on a Sunday from the local corner shop. Sticking to the vintage packaging theme, you can see we’re on to a certain aesthetic here can’t you? Basically, stick to anything which looks rad and can be proudly placed on display, because if there’s one thing us guys love – it’s showing off a bit! Yep, even with our toothpaste.

If you’re not interested in giving us bragging rights and just want us to stop using all of your beauty products, you could treat us to the effortless wonder of the Ole Henriksen skincare range. We’ve heard good things about this stuff and have been dying to get our hands on the products. The packaging is A++ with it’s straight to the point labelling, so we know our eye cream from our lip balm (we won’t talk about the time that confused us though, eh). Try ‘The Works’ kit from Ole Henriksen to get your guy in the right zone for skincare, and there’s no confusion as to what goes where either.

That should be enough to get you started on your valentine’s plans this year. Especially if you’ve found yourself side tracked browsing goodies for yourself here at HQhair! Need more help or advice for the chap in your life? Hit us up over on Twitter @mankindcouk




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