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We know Korean beauty is having a moment, but we’re so into the revival of beauty from one of our favourite places in the world. Australia’s on our radar for beauty brands making it big on insta – and our bathroom cabinet – so here’s a rundown of the Australian skincare brands you need to keep an eye on as part of the A-beauty (AKA Australian Beauty) movement.

Best A-Beauty Brands

The Best Australian Skincare Brands

Add-this-to-bookmarks, cos this is everything your aussie skincare dreams are made of.

Frank Body

Frank Body coffee scrub has a cult following. Trust us and their 700K insta-following for proof. Completely cruelty-free and nearly all vegan, this is a body scrub brand with a focus on natural ingredients, proving that you can buff without the chemicals.

One of the newest Australian skincare brands on the market, but definitely one we’re keeping at the front of our bathroom cabinet, look to these guys for naturally-derived skincare goals.

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LanoLips gets their name from the key ingredient Lanolin. A byproduct from sheep (so not vegan-friendly, we’re afraid!), these lip balms don’t contain any colourants of chemicals, meaning that they’re completely safe to use on babies.

You know what that means for us? Guaranteed skin goals.

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Bondi Sands

One of our go-to fake tan brands, Bondi Sands comes straight from Bondi Beach.

Best known for their dark tanning foams, we’re obsessed with their express one hour tan which gives a deep colour in the same length of time as your favourite reality TV show. In love? We thought so.

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Australian Bodycare

Creating gentle skincare products with the hero ingredient tea tree oil, Australian Bodycare will be your go-to for natural-focussed bodycare.

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For those in the know, you’ll be well aware of Freezeframe already. For those who want to get some more info, these skin products are the mid-point between science and skincare, and with high proportion of active ingredients you’ll see results fast.

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The Jojoba Company

Obviously utlising jojoba oil, The Jojoba Company pride themselves on their natural ingredients which gently help to improve your skin with long term benefits. Plus, they’re completely cruelty-free.

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Our go-to organic makeup, this cosmetics brand is leading the way for Australian makeup brands. In completely recycled packaging, these products are anything but wallflowers with highly pigmented lipsticks being our fave product.

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Definitely one of the best-known Australian skin care brands, Jurlique has been in our skincare collection for years. We love the rosewater balancing mist which is a fine mist that replenishes moisture.

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Completely natural and totally cruelty-free, Inika are a great makeup brand to try if you’re looking to incorporate more conscious choices into your beauty collection, along with other Organic beauty products. We love this A-beauty brand’s mineral blushers and organic makeup remover.

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Found your new fave Australian skincare brands?

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