Refer A Friend To HQhair And Get Money To Spend!

Here at HQhair, we know you gals love to shop. Whether you’re splashing out on a whole new look, or simply re-purchasing that trusty lipstick shade, there is no better feeling than placing that order and waiting for it to arrive on your doorstep. Actually, knowing that you got £10 off that order is a better feeling, which is why we’ve created our all new refer a friend scheme!

How Do I Refer A Friend?

Step 1: Get Your Code

First things first, you need your code! Sign in to your HQhair account and click into ‘My Referrals’, where you will be able to share your code via social media, email or simply copy and paste!

Step 2: Send To A Friend

Simply send your code over to a friend and let them know that they will get £10 off when they spend £45. They will need to make sure they use your code when they shop for this to work!

Step 3: Get Your Reward!

As soon as your friend has ordered using your code, you will see a £10 credit added to your account so you can treat yourself to anything on site! The more friends you refer, the more money you get to spend, it’s as easy as that!

What Can I Spend My £10 Credit On?

You can spend your credit on anything you want, but here are the products we recommend for under £10!


Who will you be treating to your referral code?



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