These Harry Potter Nail Designs Are Simply Spellbinding

There’s nothing like a manicure to brighten up the day during dull weather. To give you some serious nail inspo, these amazing Harry Potter nail designs will bring out your magical side instantly!

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These bold, detailed nails featuring the golden snitch are perfect for any Harry Potter fan. We love the touch of glitter to really complete them!

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Sometimes a simple manicure can be so much better! These watercolour-style deathly hallows nails are truly mystical.

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Hand painted Harry Potter nails For @lindseyannajones . #harrypotter #harrypotternails

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If you’re a fan of Hedwig, these nails are for you. The detailed owl nail will catch attention whilst the rest remain subtly themed.

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Love ❤️ these Harry Potter nails by chasity Barnes. #opi #cnd #harrypotternails

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Why not incorporate your patronus charm into your design? Either stick with the stag patronus like these, or add your own onto them instead!

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Combining both glitters with mattes, these Harry Potter nail designs are incredible! Featuring some of the classic symbols, they’re the ultimate blend of geek and chic.

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A slightly different take on some of the other nail designs, this manicure is simple yet stylish. Complete with glitter, it adds a touch of glitz to the look.

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We love these Harry Potter house themed nails. Whether you’re Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw it doesn’t matter, these nails have it all.

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For an alternative house-themed look, take inspiration from these Harry Potter nail designs. They have all of the colours, yet keep a uniform theme with the deep, magical purple shade.

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Tell a story with your nails by adding plenty of detail. We especially love the Marauders map and Hedwig the owl patterns!

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For a feminine pastel look, take inspo from these super cute nails! With the deathly hallow symbol, Harry’s glasses and scar, complete with glitter, what else could you need?!

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