We’re not that fussed about who winds up being the official Prom Queen this year, we’re more interested in getting the squad together and being extra AF. Serve real sass this year with our edit of the best prom makeup ideas and hairstyles, and haul our must-have hair and makeup picks. Bring your own crown.

Prom Makeup Ideas and Hairstyles

Get ready to add-to-bookmarks before you add-to-bag. We’ve split our prom beauty haul by hair, skin and makeup so you can find everything you need to rule super easily.

Prom Hair

Think off duty sass rather than go completely over the top: no one wants to spend half the night in the toilets adding a lil more hair spray when you could be gettin’ down to Cardi B. Our fave sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid stepped out with super easy hairstyles for Gigi’s 23rd birthday last month, and we’re defs takin’ ‘spo from the both of them.

For prom, you wanna make sure you’re taking care of your hair well before the big day. We’ve written all about the best hair strengthening products you can treat yo’ self to, and it’s a good go-to for what you can invest in to keep your hair lookin’ supper sassy all day erryday. We’ve popped some new below, in case you need a shopping list too.

When you’re getting ready before the event, look to hair products that will give you the perf’ look, but not look like there’s a hella load of product up in here. We want natural lookin’ waves, not a load of mousse.

Use our fave ghd straighteners to achieve the look you’re after, then finish off with a shine spray or salt spray, completely dependent on the look you’re aiming to achieve.

Reckon you’re gonna need mid-night touch-ups, just to make sure you’re feelin’ yourself all night? Here are our fave handbag essentials – and they’re all mini sized, duh.

Prom Hair Ideas

  • Loose waves
  • Beachy waves
  • French braid
  • Half up half down hair
  • Messy topknot
  • Sleek ponytail

Prom Makeup Ideas

When it comes to prom makeup, we’re aaaall about adding glow. Whether you’re insta-girl goals and can copntour like a pro or you find yourself going for a more natural look, this is the one time this year where we plan to add as much glitter as possible.

Rip up the rulebook (school’s out, anyway) and don’t just apply shimmer to one area. Pick the products you wanna slay in, and layer up the glitter. We’ve listed our faves below. And you know what’s great? They’ll all fit in your clutch bag too.

Prom Makeup Ideas

  • Glitter eyeliner
  • Peach-toned eyes
  • Warm cut crease
  • Primary colour eyeliner
  • Bold bright lip colour
  • Contoured base

Prom Skincare

You obvs need glowing skin before you layer makeup on, so this is an ideal step if you’re wondering what to do the night before prom. We’re obsessed with face masks RN, and find they’re perf’ for helping to add a little more TLC to our GRWM.

Our fave glow gettin’ face masks are all below

If you’re showing a lil skin this year, then think about making sure you’re keeping your legs and knees moisturised ‘cos ain’t nobody got time for ashy knees. We’re really into thick, moisturising creams which don’t sink in immediately, so these are perf’ for applying after showering and slowly absorbing into the skin all day.

Also, don’t forget to check out our guide to the best fake tan, if you wanna be a bronzed babe.

Prom skincare ideas

  • Hydrating face mask
  • Cooling eye mask
  • Depuffing eye cream
  • Hyaluronic acid serum
  • Cooling toner

Prom Makeup Ideas | HQhair Blog

Prom Beauty Checklist

What to do one week before prom

  • Arrange with the squad where you’re going pre-prom to get ready
  • Start a whatsapp group
  • Start exfoliating
  • Decide on what look you wanna go for
  • Make your HQhair order (duh)

What to do one day before prom

  • Hair mask
  • Double cleanse
  • Face mask

What to do on the day of prom

  • Wash hair
  • Condition
  • Blow dry
  • Style
  • Moisturise
  • Base (BB or CC cream or foundation, plus blusher/bronzer/highlighter if you use it)
  • Eyes
  • Brows
  • Lips
  • Perfume

Feelin’ prom beauty prepped, babe? We know you’ll reign.

Start addin’ to your wishlist.



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