Oh, So These Are The Secrets To A Happy Life

How often do you turn down a wedding? And doesn’t everyone just love a family party! Well, that’s because taking time to wind down and celebrate makes us a happy (according to a new report). Apparently, around 40% of us are feeling a bit down in the dumps thanks to all the news about the economy and a shocking 70% of us admit to needing more reasons to celebrate in life.

According to the survey, even the way in which we celebrate has an impact on how we feel: almost 60% said those who show no inhibitions during celebrations have the most fun. Really? Speaking to Cosmopolitan, psychologist and life-coach Linda Papadopoulos says letting go of our self-consciousness can help us lead a happier life. Here are a few tips from Linda on how to make this a reality. Take note, girls!

Secrets To A Happy Life

1. Decide What Makes You Happy

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Spend 15 minutes a day writing a list – is it socialising with freinds? Going to the cinema? Working on your self-esteem? Whatever it may be, once you have your list, aim to complete one activity each day. Then celebrate how good it makes you feel once you’ve ticked it off your list.

2. Dancing

It may be surprising to note but dancing apparently has a positive effect on our health due to increased endorphins and heart rate. So scream, shout and let it all out… We love a good boogie here at HQhair!

3. Define Your Own Rewards

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You don’t have to conform to societal stereotypes when it comes to celebrating your successes. Who says you have to go for a meal? Put that glass of Moët down! If you want to reward yourself with a takeaway and a night filled with Netflix then we support you!

4. Get People Involved

Happiness is infectious. Inviting your nearest and dearest to join you in your successes means you can spread the joy around.

5. Create A ‘Happy Tracker’

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Every time something (no matter how big or small) makes you happy, write it down. You’ll be surprised how quickly the list grows and how many things you have to celebrate. In not too long, just looking at the list will be a small cause for celebration in itself.