#HQScare: Top 5 Halloween Movies

With Halloween fast approaching, if you haven’t caught the spooks yet then it’s time to prepare the scary snacks and put on the freaky films. Whether you want to have friends over for a movie marathon or just scare yourself silly without the embarrassment of anybody hearing your screams then we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of #HQScare Best Halloween Movies to make your spine-chilling night spellbinding and sleepless so get the credits (and heads) rolling!

If these films don’t get you in the mood for some Halloween spooking, we’re sure that our #HQScare Halloween Makeup Ideas blog post will!

Best Halloween Movies

  1. The Addams Family Top 5 Halloween Movies HQhair

    The Addams Family

    The original eccentric family everybody knows and loves with a detached hand as a servant, a cousin more hairy than legs in winter and a daughter fixated with death and spider breeding…The Addams Family is the perfect film to start off your eerie evening. If this movie doesn’t get you in the Halloween mood and want to dress up then we don’t know what will! Take costume inspiration from the one and only Wednesday Addams, throw in some pigtails and achieve the trademark hairline shape with Daniel Sandler Black Velvet Waterproof Eyeliner.

  2. Beetlejuice

    After watching Beetlejuice you’ll always be cautious of being an obnoxious guest in your own home on the off chance that the ghoulish previous owners could be hiring bio-exorcistBeetlejuice to clear you out for good!  Last December, Tim Burton appeared confident in revealing a possible Beetlejuice 2 and we can’t wait! Pop Beetlejuce on the box and enjoy this fiendish film…and if you really want to get into the spirit of things, we recommend a Miss Argentina ‘Costume-Off’ with your friends!

  3. Hocus Pocus

    It would be a sin to not include this enchanting witch flick in our Top 5 Halloween Movies, with hints arising for a Hocus Pocus 2; the original had to make our list! This 1993 cult Disney classic built an immense following of dedicated fans who watch Hocus Pocusrepeatedly every year on Halloween. Including 3 resurrected witches and only a group of immature children with an immortal cat named Binx out to stop them, you’ll be spellbound to the sofa from start to finish. If you haven’t seen it yet then what are you waiting for?!

  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas Top 5 Halloween Movies HQhair

    The Craft

    The best way to describe The Craft is Mean Girls…but darker. When the newcomer to the Catholic Prep High School associates with a group of witchcraft practicing outcasts you can’t even begin to imagine what powers they are capable of conjuring. Halloween style inspiration is present throughout the movie so embrace it and go for the 90’s gothic grunge vibe! Swipe on some Leighton Denny Lip Dual in Matte Love That Red to intensify your image.

  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Top 5 Halloween Movies HQhair

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is perfect for those holiday lovers with Halloween and Christmas mixed into one film; being the faultless classic to watch as Halloween ends to transport you into the festive season! As Jack Skellington becomes infatuated with Christmas due to being incredibly sick of Halloween-it’s relatable to everyone who’s been completely spooked out for the year and want to switch it up. Not only is it one of those films you can never get sick of no matter how many times you watch it; absolutely everyone is guaranteed to love it, regardless of age.  Use this time to sit and remove your daunting disguise with Make Up Remover and start anticipating Christmas!

What will you be disguised as this Halloween? Are you going for a character from one of our Top 5 Halloween Movies? Let us know over on Twitter and Instagram using #HQSCARE!

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