Happy 18th Birthday HQhair

Have you heard? HQhair is turning 18 this April! Yep, that’s right, we’re officially going to be an adult. The gals here at the HQ head office are so excited. You know that feeling when you’re up all night, so giddy that you can’t possibly sleep? Yeah, well that’s us right now – and you should be excited too! We’re going to be making sure that your party prep game is strong, covering everything from your party essentials to the best party beauty looks right here on the #HQHUB. We’re also going to be giving away a pretty impressive birthday beauty bundle on the 21st of April, so make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for all of the deets!

What did you do on your 18th birthday?

So, with our 18th birthday comin’ up fast, we thought that we’d get some birthday party inspiration from one of the hottest bloggers around right now, Charlotte Jones. Not only are we completely crushin’ over this mega babe’s mermaid hair, but her 18th birthday also sounded like it was #PartyGoals…


Question: What did you do on your 18th birthday?

I really wanted to make my 18th special so I did a few things. I went to Thorpe Park with my close friends. It was so much fun! It’s one of my very special memories with a good friend who was unfortunately murdered at the end of last year. I’ll cherish those memories. I just remember the picture of us all soaking wet after going on the log ride, but we had the best day. My 18th was also spent at a club in Essex with my best friends, ex ex ex boyfriend and his friends. We drank pitchers of alcohol (disgraceful behaviour haha). I remember wearing this awful bright pink skirt teamed with the same colour heels, that my best friend bought me for my birthday. My mum also organised a barbecue so I could spend time with the family. I remember walking up to the door, 18 banners were everywhere.

Question: What did your 18th birthday mean to you?

When I turned 18 I remember feeling grown up. I felt like I knew so much My views and beliefs were so different then to what they are now.

Question: If you could give your 18 year-old-self advice, what would you say?

If i could tell my 18 year old self advice, I’d say to her all the heartache you have and will experience in life will make you a stronger & better person, I promise you. Stop worrying about the future, it work out for the best, no matter what life throws at you. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. Don’t get distracted by others and doubt yourself. Keep focused and you will achieve your dreams. Be yourself no matter what!

What did you do on your 18th birthday? Let us know over on our Twitter!



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