The Ultimate Netflix Binge List

It’s almost that time. School, College and Uni holidays are about to commence, meaning it is officially almost Christmas. Apart from decorating your tree and drinking a mulled wine or two, (or three..) there is nothing better than spending a few days tucked up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and working your way through half of the Netflix back-catalogue. But it isn’t just us just us that spends a good 40 minutes trying to decide what to actually watch, is it?

Sometimes, there can be too much choice, which is why we have put ourselves through the gruelling task of scrolling through Netflix and putting together a list of the must-binge shows and movies for Christmas. Honestly… it was such a hard task, but someone had to do it…

HQhair’s Ultimate Christmas Netflix Binge List

Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched the first series of Stranger Things yet, what have you been doing?! Series 2 will be landing on Netflix in 2017, which means the Christmas holidays are the perfect time for you to play catch up and work your way through the first eight episodes.

The series is based in the 80’s, following a group of kids whose friend went missing cycling home one night. They start to notice some odd things going on, and eventually come across a girl called Eleven, who they hide in a basement after discovering her super-powers.

Expect a mixture of comedy, tear-jerking moments, serious friendship and loyalty, and even, possibly, a little romance…


The ultimate OG chick flick. Released in 1995, Clueless is one of those ‘right of passage‘ movies, said to be loosely based on Jane Austen’s ‘Emma‘, but in a much more contemporary context. Based in Beverly Hills, leading character Cher is the popular rich girl at school who takes it upon herself to give the ‘geeky’ new girl, Tai, a makeover.

Clueless covers topics that us gals are totally familiar with; fashion, beauty, friendship, high school and love, but in an over-the-top teen movie way that we absolutely love.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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If you’re looking for something funny to entertain you, like, serious full-on-belly-laugh-funny, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is the show for you. The main cast, consists of Charlie – an excitable man child who cannot read or write, Dennis – a vain and selfish guy whose sense of self worth is dependent on what others think of him, Dee – Dennis’ twin sister who dreams of becoming an actress but hasn’t had her break yet, and Mac – who constantly brags about his combat skills and athletic ability, though he clearly lacks both.

The foursome run an Irish Pub in, you guessed it, Philadelphia, and the series follows their ridiculously stupid antics, where they usually end up in bizarre situations that they have to either talk or fight their way out of..

Eat Pray Love

Want something deep, meaningful and thought provoking? Eat, Pray, Love follows the journey of Liz, a recent divorcee who decides travel and really find herself. Sounds cheesy, we know, but trust us here.. it’s TOTALLY worth watching. Liz heads to Italy, where she discovers the true pleasure of eating, then to India where she discovers the power of prayer, and finally to Indonesia, where she discovers the inner peace and balance of true love.

If this film teaches you anything, it’s that stepping out of your comfort zone, taking risks and challenging yourself are often life changing experiences for the better. It’s kind of empowering, and when the film ends we feel ready to take on the world, unafraid of what might be thrown our way.


You probably know Dreamgirls best for it’s star-studded cast; Beyonce and her powerful ‘Listen‘, Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls was her acting debut after appearing on American Idol), Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy. Based in 60’s Detroit, the ‘Dreamettes’ are a girl group on a mission to find their big break. After being signed to a label, the girls begin facing their own personal struggles when their management makes drastic changes to the group based purely on image.

If you watch this film for nothing more, watch it for the powerhouses that are Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson belting out songs like Listen and One Night Only, and the added dose of eye candy courtesy of Jamie Foxx. A girl can dream…

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