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Opal Hair: The Newest Hair Trend

Opal Hair: The Newest Hair Trend

Hair trends are constantly evolving and changing, and the newest trend is opal hair. An iridescent mix of pastel shades are combined to create a multi-coloured cascade within your locks. From extremely pale hues to slightly bolder colours, this absolutely incredible hair trend is giving us some serious envy! Take a look at some of our faves for inspiration right here…

Opal Hair: What is the Newest Hair Trend?

Our newest obsession is pastel perf’. Start with a platinum blond base, and then layer up erry single pastel colour to make a rainbow. We’re in love with pinks and blues, but add a lil more colour to your bubblegum locks and add purples and greens.

Basically, opal hair is all kinds of mermaid hair goals.

Wanna know how the squad are rockin’ the style? We’ve insta-stalked all our faves and created a list to show your stylist. Defs save this one for later.

Kira Kira definitely necessary.

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Obvs, opal hair looks amazing on hair that’s living its best life, so make sure you keep your tresses in top condition with our range of conditioners.




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