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It’s almost Prom Season again, the time of year where thousands of teens across the country celebrate the end of their school, college or uni year. For us gals, it’s just another perfect excuse to go out and get a new dress and heels, and go big with hair and makeup! If you’re feeling a little uninspired when it comes to your makeup, we’ve got just the thing! Take a look at our Prom Makeup Inspo!


Glitterati Prom Makeup Inspo HQhair

There’s nothing like glitter to get you in the party mood! Here at HQhair, we’re firm believers of adding a little sparkle to our lives, and what better way than quite literally going wild with some glitter? We pulled together this inspo from our makeup pinterest board, and although some of it might be a little too bold and daring for everyone, you can always tone it down to suit your tastes! There’s absolutely no doubt you’ll be turning heads this prom season with these looks!

Our Top 3 Products

Bold Lips

Bold Lips Prom Makeup Insp HQhair

If there is one product that gives us that extra dose of sass and confidence, it has to be a bright or bold lip. Whether we’re talking a deep and dark plummy shade, a classic red or a bright and vibrant pink, a coat of lipstick can completely change the vibe of a look. We love the two toned red and pink in the picture above, and the minimal eye makeup with a dark berry shade.

Our Top 3 Products

Metallic Smoky Eyes

Metallic Smokey Eyes Prom Makeup Inspo HQhair

Metallic eye-shadow is the perfect way to draw attention in to the eyes. We absolutely love the looks above, from subtle silvery hues to bold golds and iridescent blues. If only we had the time for this kind of makeup every morning! Keep it casual with soft silvers or smoke it out with deep golds and bronzes, either way you’ll look show stopping!

Our Top 3 Products

Pop Of Colour

Pop Of Colour HQhair Prom Makeup Inspo

When it comes to colour, we say go hard or go home! We got some serious inspiration for bold and bright colours and how to wear them from Pinterest. It might take a bit of bravery to pull off these hues, but we believe in you! Go for something different this prom season and we’re sure you’ll be the envy of everyone else!

Our Top 3 Products

What look will you be rocking at your prom? Are you going to go bright and bold, or keep it subtle? You can find all of the images over on our Makeup Pinterest Board.




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