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Sleek Highlighting Palette Swatch | HQhair Blog

February goals? Get lit. We’re actually obsessed with Sleek Makeup’s brand new highlighter, so obvs we wanted to swatch the moment we got our hands on it. Wanna get the 411 on the new Love Shook Sleek highlighting palette? You know what to do 👇

Sleek Highlighting Palette Review: Love Shook

Sleek Makeup Review | HQhair Blog

Sleek Highlighter Review | HQhair Blog

The Sleek highlighting palettes have their own cult following, so we were super excited when we heard on the grapevine that they were releasing a limited edition highlighter this month. Introducing: Love Shook. Four incredibly pigmented powder highlighters, varying from a deep golden shade right through to a plummy purple.

First Impressions

We love the rose gold packaging, which is defs doing it for the ‘gram. Open the packaging to reveal the four powder highlighters and a slim brush for application.

Sleek Highlighting Palette Swatch | HQhair Blog


We swatched using our fingers at first, and the pigments were incred. We’re planning to use them everywhere: why just have a poppin’ highlight when your eyeshadow can be slayin’ too?

When applying as highlighter, we used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Its dense synthetic bristles are perf’ for picking up pigment and applying it with minimal fallout.

Sleek highlighter review | HQhair Blog

Above, we applied the lighter pink shade (top right) on Rosie, who’s not wearing foundation.

Sleek highlighter review | HQhair Blog

We applied the champagne shimmer (bottom left) to Charlotte, on top of a matte finish foundation.


The Sleek highlighter stayed slayin’ all day on both Rosie and Charlotte. Rosie removed hers with a biodegrable makeup wipe, while Charlotte opted for a gel cleanser.

Sleek Highlighter Love Shook Review | HQhair Blog

Sleek Highlighter Love Shook | Hqhair Blog

Sleek Reviews: The Results

When it comes to our final thoughts in this Sleek highlighter review, the main thing we’re obsessed with is the pigment. You hardly need any product to make an impact, so can you imagine what it’d look like with a wet brush?

The champagne colour Charlotte sported is the perf’ everyday shimmer, however we reckon the other colours would be better suited for date night, or darker toned skin.

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