March #HQBOTM : Real Techniques

This March, HQhair’s brand of the month is Real TechniquesGrowing up with an Aunt who was a makeup artist for the likes of David Bowie and Princess Diana, sisters Sam and Nic Chapman were destined for the makeup bizz in one way or the other. Over time, the sisters built up a respected reputation within the makeup industry and this lead to Sam creating her first YouTube video in 2008. Not long after, the two started to collaborate and formed Pixiwoo! Fast forward to 2011 and the sisters launched Real Techniques, which soon became the most talked about brush brand in the makeup community. The range contains 100% cruelty-free, vegan makeup tools which have transformed makeup routines all over the world!

real techniques

Our Top Real Techniques Picks!

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

The Real Techniques Core Collection contains 4 brushes, a case and stand. Not only does this look dreamy on your dressing table, but it’s also really practical for carrying your brushes when travelling! Lightweight and easy-to-use, each brush will make your makeup look absolutely flawless every single time.

Start off by using Pointed Foundation Brush to apply liquid foundation flawlessly. Designed for complete coverage across the whole face, it’s perfect for both large areas and small contours of the face! Follow with the Buffing Brush to expertly buff powder into your foundation to make your makeup last even longer. Add some sultry shadows with the Contour Brush so you can flaunt some killer cheekbones and finish off with the multitasking Detailer Brush to apply concealer or lipstick precisely.

Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge

There’s nothing worse than a makeup mishap. These little Real Techniques Miracle Eraser Sponges are exactly what they say on the packet – a miracle! Designed with a flat edge for erasing stray eyeshadow and mascara smudges, they’ll save your makeup in seconds. The rounded sides are great for buffing away overdone blush or bronzer and the pointed tip can tidy up eyeliner mistakes, rather than removing all of your makeup and starting over. With these sponges, you’ll never have to worry about mistakes when in a rush ever again!

Real Techniques Brush Cleanser

Using dirty makeup brushes not only spreads bacteria and old makeup back onto your skin, but it also causes breakouts and leaves makeup looking unprofessional. The Real Techniques Brush Cleanser effectively removes all traces of dirt within your makeup brushes for improved brush performance. Making sure that you cleanse your brushes weekly is important for both your skin and your brushes, and this is a quick and safe way to do so! Free from alcohol and phthalates, this dermatologist tested cleanser will make your brushes as good as new.

What are your favourite Real Techniques products? Let us know over on Twitter and Instagram!

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