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At HQhair, we’re always looking for new ways to experiment with new hairstyles and recreate red carpet looks. We recently attended an event with Beauty Works, the award-winning, celebrity-approved hair extensions brand. At the event, we managed to get some time with celebrity stylist, and Beauty Works fan, Andrew Fitzsimons.

If you haven’t heard of Andrew Fitzsimons, he’s the hairstylist and artist behind some of the most iconic Kardashian and Jenner hair looks. With plenty of celebrity clients, from Karlie Kloss to the Hadids, he’s the expert in all things hair.

Andrew Fitzsimons: Exclusive Interview

Question: What's your go-to look for the red carpet?

Anything that makes a statement! Whether it’s really long hair, whether it’s a lot of volume, whether it’s a really long ponytail, I like hair to make a statement.

Question: Why are you obsessed with Beauty Works Hair Extensions?

I’m obsessed because they’re so easy to use. Not only that, but they have so many different varieties of styles, of colours, of shades. I always know that when I show up to a job, I have the perfect extensions for my clients.

Question: If you had five minutes to do a hairstyle, what would you do?

I would probably use one of the new invisible ponytails. They’re so easy to use – you just clip them in and you’ve got an instant, sexy ponytail.

Question: Who is your favourite client to work with?

Honestly, I love all of my clients! All of my clients are so different and have such different hair. I love the variety! So I love all of them.

Question: Who have you been most starstruck to style?

Probably the first time I worked with Maria Carey. That was really early in my career and I was like “omg, that’s Maria Carey!”.

Question: Who would your dream glamsquad be?

For hair, I would say… me. For makeup, I would say my friend Etienne Ortega, he does Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, loads of celebrities, so I would say him.

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