Goss With The Boss : MDMflow Founder Florence Adepoju

It was acceptable in the… nineties? Born out of a love for ’90s-inspired hip-hop glamour, MDMflow is one of our fave brands for making a statement. We had time to sit down with the founder, super-cool London gal Florence Adepoju. After chatting to Florence about the brand she created, we decided we needed to interview her as part of our Goss With The Boss series.


Question: Where did the inspiration for MDMflow come from, and where did the name come from?

MDMflow is inspired by all the things that influence me, I love the 90s hip-hop look, the bold colours, big gold chains and confident attitudes.

MDMflow stands for Madam Flow, a nickname I was given that has stuck.

Question: Has cosmetics always been a passion for you?

I fell in love with the beauty industry when I was 17 and by luck got my first job on a makeup counter, before that I loved glitter eyeshadows and clear gel mascara but working in the industry from such an early age really gave me an in-depth understanding.

Question: Each shade has a really cool name, what inspires those names?

The inspiration for the names mostly come from hip hop music, but some are related to my personal experiences and my friends who are doing cools things. Some music examples below;

Ninety Four – the year my favourite rapper Notorious B.I.G released his debut album
Retro – Childish Gambino
Empire State – Jay Z & Alicia Keys
Power – Kanye West
Bossy – Kelis
Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani

Question: Which was the first shade you created?

Supreme – I created this shade before I even knew MDMflow would become a proper brand.

Question: If you could only wear 3 of your shades for the rest of your life, which 3 would you pick and why?

This is the hardest thing you could ever ask me, I love all my babies.

If I really had to choose it would be the following;
Supreme – it’s such a bold red and a really loud statement colour, wearing it makes me feel super confident.
New Nude – because you need the perfect nude for the subtle make up days
Ninety Four – this shade has so much personal meaning for me, it probably the shade I wear the most.

Question: If there was one person you would love to see wearing MDMflow, who would it be?


Question: What advice would you give to other young women who want to create their own business?

Be prepared to put in the work and don’t feed your fears.

Follow my personal twitter (@flowsphenom), I’m always sharing advice on how I get things done

We love seeing a strong and creative woman paving her own path, Florence is a serious inspiration to us here at HQhair!

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