April Fools’ Day: The Best Beauty Pranks

We love any excuse for a good prank here at HQhair and April Fools’ Day is no exception! Whilst searching for some inspo’ for some pranks around the office, we’ve come across some pretty great April Fools Day Pranks… A weave for your eyebrows, anyone?

OPI Interior Paint

Ever wished you could match your bedroom walls to your manicure? Of course you have, what else could you ever want?! Well, we thought OPI had made our interior design dreams come true with the launch of their Wall Paint with Sherwin Williams, only to crush them when we realised we’d been pranked. I don’t think we could change our wall colour as often as we change our nail colour, though…

Discover more from OPI here!

Illamasqua Anti-Troll Spray

Youtuber Jamie Genevieve announced the launch of Illamasqua’s new Anti-Troll Spray, made to set your make up and completely block Trolls from your life… The dream product for all you bloggers out there, right? Unfortunately, the only way to completely block Trolls from your life is to utilise the block feature on social media sites. We’re just holding out for the day that Illamasqua develops this product for real, until then, haters gon’ hate.

Discover more from Illamasqua here!

Sigma Brow Weave

We’ve all dreamed of getting those killer Delevingne brows and we’d be willing to go to some pretty extreme lengths for a strong brow game, but Sigma took it one step further when they announced the new ‘Brow Weave’ trend. We can safely say that that’s one brow trend we would NOT be embracing – we’re just thankful it was an April Fool’s day joke.

Discover more from Sigma here!

Hair Chalk for Dogs

We LOVED the Hair Chalk trend, being able to try out wacky hair colours without the commitment was the DREAM, especially during festival season. But having locks to match our pooches was one April fools prank we were praying was true. Unfortunately, Fur Chalk for Pups from Free People turned out to be a ‘pawful’ joke. Well played, Free People, well played.






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