Do We Really Need Beauty Sleep?

Did you wake up like this or did it take a lil work? As it’s National Sleep Day we’re looking into whether “beauty sleep” is an actual thing, or whether it’s totally fine to blow our student loan on the third night out this week… just us?

You know that saying, ‘no one remembers the nights that they got enough sleep‘?

That might be true, but whoever said that definitely hasn’t read our blog on whether we really need beauty sleep. Everyone knows the benefits of sleep; you feel more rested, you have more energy, you can focus more easily… the list goes on, but what about the beauty benefits of sleep?

We did a little research for National Sleep Day to find out how sleep can benefit our beauty routine, along with how to make sure we’re getting a good nights sleep.

How Does Sleep Affect Skin?

Whilst you’re tucked up in bed snoozing away, your skin moves into ‘Repair Mode‘, which is when new cells are created, replacing aged cells, removing any harmful toxins and renewing the skin all-round. Quality of sleep can affect how well your skin can repair itself, and your skin’s health is controlled by your body clock. At night, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones are secreted which acts as the green light for the skin’s renewal and repair process.

If sleep is disturbed, if you aren’t getting enough sleep, or if you’re getting poor quality sleep, this process is disturbed meaning your skin doesn’t get as much time to renew and repair itself. This causes signs of ageing to rear their head earlier, along with a drop in moisture levels in your skin, those dreaded dark circles under your eyes and to top it off you’re more likely to suffer from breakouts.

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

The first step to getting a good nights sleep is to take some time to really relax first. Try to have at least half an our of ‘wind down’ time. Turn your phone off, stay away from social media and chill! Try reading or taking a long bath.

After you’ve had a good soak in the bath, light a candle for those calm hygge vibes, and take care of your skin. The Deep Sleep range from this works is our absolute go-to for having a little pamper time to unwind before hopping into bed.

Now that you’re feeling super pampered and relaxed, give your pillow a spritz of the this works Pillow Spray. We love the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, perfect for helping aid sleep, and the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, a stronger version of the original.

If your hair needs a little overnight boost too, grab the thisworks Sleep Plus Hair Elixir. It is infused with botanical oils and thisworks‘ signature deep sleep blend, meaning you get a good nights sleep whilst your hair feels restored, hydrated and more manageable.

Top Tip: Use a few spritzes of both sprays if you feel like you need a really heavy nights sleep. The original Deep Sleep Pillow Spray helps you to fall asleep, whereas the Sleep Plus will help to keep you asleep throughout the night too.

Hands up if you’re having an early night tonight?

Yeah, we thought so too. 

Have you tried these tips to make sure you get enough beauty sleep? Let us know over on Twitter & Instagram!



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