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As party season ramps up we’re looking into which hair products our collection needs (and, you know, which ones we want to), so where better to start than listing the best hair straighteners? Get set to slay.

Best Hair Straighteners 2018

Top 10 Hair Straighteners

  1. ghd Original Styler (IV Styler)
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    ghd Original Styler (IV Styler)

    When it comes to the best hair straighteners, we have to start with the classics. For years, ghd hair straighteners have been the go-to for professional hair stylists and those at home, and the Original Styler – or IV Styler as it used to be known – is the best all rounder.

    The original ghd straighteners are perfect for those who are looking for a thinner wand, which can be used to both straighten and curl your hair. Heating up super quickly, the advanced ceramic heaters will help to straighten hair quickly and safely without damaging your hair too much.

    Plus, it’ll automatically turn off after 30 mins, to make sure that there’s no stress should you forget to turn them off.

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    Utilising steam, the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod is the perfect for those looking to straighten hair and leave it silky at the same time.

    Where traditional hair straighteners use hot plates to straighten hair, the L’Oréal Steampod heats up water to create steam and runs this along the anodized floating plates. This means your hair retains its natural moisture and its pro-keratin technology will help to maintain the good work your other hair products have done.

    With an integrated comb, expect hair to be straightened evenly, without pulls or extra damage.

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    If you’re looking for the best wide hair straighteners, then the huns at Cloud Nine have got your back. Designed with long, thick hair in mind, wide straighteners are perfect for those with afro hair.

    The Cloud Nine hair straighteners will help to tease curly or wavy hair straight thanks to their temperature control gauge. Although you won’t get ringlets with these wide irons, you will be able to achieve larger more blown out waves and curls, resulting in glam hair goals.

    The reason why these are the best straighteners for afro hair is because wider plates will keep hair under heat for longer, meaning tighter curls will be subject to more pressure for a longer period of time.

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    If you’re on the hunt for the best travel hair straighteners, then the Glamoriser freestyler should be right at the top of your list.

    This is the best cordless hair straightener that doesn’t scrimp on power: it can reach 200 degrees in 120 seconds. Very compact and lightweight, expect professional results in spite of its size. A full charge can last up to 40 minutes, meaning you can create your desired look wherever you are.

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  5. ghd Mini Styler
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    ghd Mini Styler

    The second option from ghd on our list of the best straighteners is their compact option. These mini hair straighteners are the perfect option for those with fine hair, or looking to create smaller curls or ringlets without the need for a separate hair curler.

    The reason why we think these are one of the best ghd hair straighteners is its incredibly powerful and customisable heat settings, which can deliver quick results without damaging hair when possible by using ceramic heat technology.

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  6. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Straighteners
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    Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Straighteners

    Revered hairdresser Paul Mitchell‘s haircare brand doesn’t just sell salon-worthy shampoo but also nails the hair tools game too. The Neuro Smooth Straighteners reach over 230 degrees in just 30 seconds, meaning you can get super stylin’ in no time at all.

    Featuring cushioned plates, these will help to prevent getting kinks where the end of the plates are. Plus a SmartSense microchip will monitor the temperature to ensure even heat distribution across the whole plate.

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    For professional quality hair products, Babyliss are gonna be your number ones. From the Boutique range, expect salon-worthy stylin’ from these Babyliss hair straighteners. Incorporating Smooth Glide™ Tourmaline-ceramic plates, there’s no snagging or damage to your hair by gliding the plates over cuticles.

    To make for a truly bespoke hairstyle, these straightening irons have 12 digital temperature settings meaning you can customise the level of heat to suit your style. Heating up to 235 degrees in 15 seconds, these will give you results fast. Plus, we love that it comes with a free heat proof mat.

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    If you’ve not heard of iKoo brushes before, it’s time to get to know the brand innovating straightening brushes. Instead of grabbing your straightening irons, iKoo have developed a heating brush that straightens your hair as your brush it through. Simple, right?

    Utilising 37 individual heated plates, this straightening brush delivers heat to all sides of the hair whilst detangling. And if it saves us time getting ready in the morning, we know we’re gonna be interested.

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  9. T3 SinglePass Luxe Straighteners
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    T3 SinglePass Luxe Straighteners

    If you’re planning to do it for the ‘gram, then these T3 hair straighteners ought to be your go-to. A beautiful white straightening iron with rose gold hardware, these will look just as good on your feed as they’ll make your style.

    Proving they’re substance and style, these straighteners use a Digital SinglePass® which means a microchip within the tool can discover what the optimum heat setting is for your hair and automatically adjust to suit. This means less frazzled hair, and more sassy style.

    Plus, the plates are made up of Tourmaline® and ceramic. This means that they infuse your hair with negative ions, helping to seal individual cuticles, combat frizz and maximise shine.

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  10. Diva Professional Feel The Heat S5 Elite Argan Oil Styler
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    Diva Professional Feel The Heat S5 Elite Argan Oil Styler

    Last on our list of the best hair straighteners is this beaut pro option from Diva Professional. Developed for all hair types, this is perf’ for nights out with the girls as you can all use the same one.

    The reason why we love them is because of the innovative Korean cermaic plates infused with argan oil. As we know, argan oil is a key ingredient to promote healthy hair, so expect silkier and smoother hair as a result of straightening. Win win.

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Now you know the best hair dryers 2018 to add-to-bag, it’s time to complete your collection.

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