The Girls Behind HQhair

You may have noticed a slight change here on our blog, we’ve had a pretty big revamp to make it even easier for you to get the scoop on our new favourite trends, products and a behind the scenes look at what’s going on here at HQhair! We have new blog editors bringing you everything you need to know about beauty and we thought it makes sense for you guys to get to know us all! So grab yourself a brew and meet the team!

HQhair Meet The Team #HQHUB

Sally – Content Marketing Executive

Sally HQhair Blog Editor UK Beauty Blog

I’ve always loved anything artistic and creative, and experimenting with makeup is no exception! Bold and bright lip colours are my vice. When I’m not trying out new make-up products, you can usually find me scrolling through Instagram, laughing at the latest snapchat filter, or catching up with friends over a few cocktails. Long Island Iced Tea is my staple.

Sally’s Current HQ Favourite

Amy – Senior PPC Executive

Amy HQhair Blog Editor UK Beauty Blog

I’m often referred to as ‘the nail girl’ because I love nail art – I have over 200 bottles of nail polish at home! But I love all things beauty; especially anything neon bright or packed with glitter. Growing up, I was a bit of a nerdy kid, so playing with colourful makeup or wacky hairstyles became my creative outlet – so it’s great that this has become my job! You’ll spot me at the bar, probably wearing sequins, drinking a Singapore Sling.

Amy’s Favourite HQ Favourite

Terri – Content Marketing Manager

Terri HQhair Blog Editor UK Beauty Blog

I’m a sucker for anything quirky or in fancy packaging. I love trying new beauty products on the market – the more obscure the better! Whether it’s the latest innovation in skincare, or a shampoo in a shiny bottle, I want it and I’ll always try and be the first to blog about it! My cocktail of choice is a bottle of gin. That counts, right?

Terri’s Current HQ Favourite

Faye – Email Marketing Executive

Faye HQhair Blog Editor UK Beauty Blog

I’ve always been a ‘girly girl’ but after being bitten by the travel bug in 2014, and spending 2 years living out of a backpack (with no hairdryer and a pathetic excuse for a makeup bag), I have gone through a bit of a makeup and hair regime overhaul. Like every girl I love a bit of a pampering and the chance to get ‘dressed up’ for a night out, but I now also appreciate the convenience of a ‘get up and go’ routine – it just leaves more time for cocktails on the beach (amaretto sour’s ahoy)! I’m always on the lookout for beauty products to fulfill both the girly and traveler side of my personality.

Faye’s Current HQ Favourite

Beth – Assistant Buyer

Beth HQhair Blog Editor UK Beauty Blog

I’ve always loved makeup and being able to work with it every day only makes me love playing around with products even more! Tan is my absolute fave product, you’ll never see me without a tan. Being a beauty buyer means I try out a lot of new products, from makeup and tan to hair and skincare… my skincare routine has more products than I’d like to admit! My go-to cocktail… a Pornstar Martini.

Beth’s Current HQ Favourite