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The Tangle Brush You Need for Healthy Hair

Keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy 24/7 can be difficult, especially if your hair tends to become knotted quickly. When this happens, with the wrong tools you can find yourself dreading brushing it out due to the snagging and pulling… Not only can that cause it to become weaker and snap over time, it’s also completely unnecessary! Wondering why? A revolutionary tangle brush is now available to help you achieve those healthy locks of your dreams! Read on for more.

Tangle Angel: The Tangle Brush Everyone Needs

The Tangle Angel is a professional detangling brush which is pain-free to use for smooth, manageable hair. Created by celebrity hairstylist Richard Ward, it’s ergonomically designed to glide through hair either wet or dry without tugging or pulling. Heat-resistant, anti-static and anti-bacterial, it works as a styling brush and a blow drying brush on any hair type.

With a whole range of gorgeous shades, it has a pearlescent finish and an angel wing design. You can choose from two-tone brushes in whites, purples, turquoises, pinks and golds, or opt for a single colour. No matter which you choose, these hairbrushes are luxurious, elegant and look like they’ve come straight out of a fairy-tale!

Royal Fan: Kate Middleton

It has been revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has the Tangle Angel brush used on her enviable tresses. The creator of the brush is also her stylist, and he always uses it alongside a hairdryer to help achieve her signature voluminous look. If this tangle brush is good enough for royalty, it’s definitely good enough for us!

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