Your perfect bath with Bubble T

If there’s one thing you can be sure about, it’s this: Bath time is me time!

Whether you’re starting your day with an energising soak or finishing it with a long, relaxing pamper night, you get this time just for yourself. Here’s where our obsession with Bubble T begins.. and no, we don’t mean the drink.

You walk into the bathroom in your comfiest dressing gown and turn on the tap to let warm water fill up your bathtub. Candles? Check. Favourite playlist? Check. Now the real fun starts – choosing the perfect scents.

Bubble T have made dreams come true for tea and bath lovers, by combining both to create the most fascinating beauty products. Enjoy tea-themed pampering, not just for the fragrance (Moroccan Mint anyone?) but also for the benefits that tea-based properties bring.

From colourful, fruity bath bomb fizzers to refreshing salts mixed with real tea leaves, you can build and customise the recipe for your perfect bath.

A fizzy surprise

Everyone loves a bath bomb. Funky shapes, fruity colours and a little bit of magic at the end – what more could you want? Bubble T have the cutest selection of bath bombs and fizzers, some even inspired by snacks or season-themed puns.

Try our favourite: Summer Fruits Tea Giant Bath Bomb Fizzer

You could say it’s ‘summer in a bath bomb’. In the shape of a French macaron and inspired by fruity tea, this fizzer fills your water with amazing Goji berry extracts. Take in the scent of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries as you pop it into warm water. The best part? It turns your bath water pink!

A beau-tea-ful face

If you’re having a bubble bath, you might as well give yourself the full experience. Alongside bath products, Bubble T aren’t short of tea-infused skincare products. The skin on your face can also take advantage of the antioxidant-rich ingredients like rosemary, thyme, jasmine and hibiscus flower extract to feel soothed and hydrated.

Try our favourite: Infused face sheet masks

Choosing between Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea and Lemongrass & Green Tea, a scented sheet mask can be the perfect addition to your relaxing bath time. Pick one that goes with your chosen range or mix it up a little!

Refreshing salts

Here’s a real treat for you! Bubble T bath salts will soothe, help you relax and give you some antioxidant goodness. They are infused with incredible scents such as sweet mint oil and packed with real tea leaves to make your bath even more refreshing.

Try our favourite: Lemongrass & Green Tea Infused Bath Salts

Soaking in real tea leaves and taking in the lemongrass scent, you will very quickly forget that you’re in your bathroom. This will be an unforgettable bath for you, but when you come out, you’ll feel even better! These salts will soothe your muscles, remove toxins and leave you feeling completely restored.

A fruity wash

The Bubble T collections wouldn’t be complete without matching shower gels! Whether you add it to your bath time routine or you want to enjoy the fruity tea scent during a quick shower, these will give you a bubbly and refreshing wash in three different fragrances. They’re also perfect for a pick-me-up shower during the day. No bathtub? No problem.

Try our favourite: Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Shower Gel

As scented as the bath salts from the matching collection, this shower gel will give you the fruity sweetness you need. This best seller is a favourite for the berry lovers. Take in the scents of the Goji berry extracts, sweet orange oils and tea infusions.

If you’re a fan of sweet scents and creative beauty innovations, you’ll never have a boring bath again! It’s time to put together your perfect bath time routine, so check out the whole Bubble T range on HQ Hair.



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