All About Hiding Spots Like a Pro

Whenever an important event is happening that’s going to involve cameras, it’s almost inevitable that a large spot will come up. Even though concealer and foundation can take out the redness, the large bump beneath your skin can be difficult to hide. However, YouTuber Desi Perkins made us aware of a pro hack that’ll leave your skin looking 100% flawless, hiding spots. Want to know how? Keep reading.

How to Hide Spots Like a Pro

Step 1:

Once you’ve worked your way through your skincare regime, apply your foundation base with a brush, then blend it with beauty blender. Next, use a concealer to hide imperfections, and take any redness out of the blemishes you want to hide. Finally, set your entire face with a pressed powder, then complete the rest of your makeup.

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Step 2:

Now your makeup is complete, it’s time to completely hide those spots. Taking a skinny liner brush and a matte brown powder eyeshadow, gently tap it over the highest point of the breakout. Making sure to keep this step as neat as possible, this will allow you to transform your spot into a beauty spot instead!

Step 3:

After applying the eyeshadow, it can appear a little fake at first. To help it blend into the rest of your complexion for a more natural look, take your powder from earlier. Next, use a fluffy powder brush and lightly dab and press over the spot. Once you’re happy with it, spritz your face with a setting spray to hold your makeup and feel confident with your smooth, spot-free complexion.

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