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Cult skincare brand Gallinée has just dropped hair products, so of course we had to try them as soon as they hit site. Keep scrolling to find out exactly what we thought of the brand branching out into hair, and whether their focus on the microbiome was just as successful this time round.

Gallinée product review | HQhair Blog

Gallinée Review

Georgia from HQhair’s marketing team took home all three of Gallinée’s new hair products to put them to the test. Georgia has pretty thick hair, but is on the hunt for volume and, of course, is on the hunt for products that will protect her hair against environmental aggressors and any kind of heat exposure.

Gallinée Review | HQhair Blog

Here’s a photo of Georgia’s hair before.

Step One: Gallinée Prebiotic Hair and Scalp Care Mask

Gallinée Prebiotic Hair and Scalp Care Mask review | HQhair Blog

Mafura Oil and the brand’s Pre and Postbiotic Complex promise to work together to help ensure that the scalp is balanced – so that means there’s no excess production of sebum (AKA, you can put off washing your hair for longer!), and it’ll also help to prevent flaking and dandruff.

Georgia simply applied the hair mask to dry hair at the roots, and left for five minutes before jumping in the shower to rinse out completely.

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Step Two:

Gallinée Prebiotic Soothing Cleansing Cream Review | HQhair Blog

Step two in our Gallinée review is trying out the Soothing Cleansing Cream. Used once or twice a week in place of your shampoo (making this more of a special treatment as opposed to a daily essential), this cream uses the same technologies as the Mask above to help ensure your scalp and hair are nourished, yet fully cleansed.

Georgia massaged the product into wet hair, and then left for two minutes before rinsing out fully.

Step Three: Gallinée Prebiotic Scalp and Hair Serum

Gallinée Prebiotic Scalp and Hair Serum Review | HQhair Blog

Last up is the complimentary Scalp and Hair Serum. Applied after the Cream, this is rinsed out after just one minute. Including also Artichoke Extract and Lactic Acid, this hair serum has a physiological pH to match your own hair, resulting in high performance results.

After washing it out, Georgia blow dried her hair with her favourite hair dryer, and this is what she thought…

The Results

Gallinee Review | HQhair Blog

“Although I wouldn’t say the results are drastic, my hair definitely feel silkier and a lot more easy to manage – two things that are great when you want to just style your hair and go! There’s a lot of conditioning that happens as part of this haircare range, so I’m sure with continued use these Gallinée hair products will help to improve overall hair and scalp health, meaning my hair will grow longer.

“Plus, the products both smelt great and look incredible in my bathroom, so they’ll definitely be appearing in my next Instagram bathroom shelfie.”

Now you’ve read our Gallinée review, it’s time to try it out for yourself

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