The Unspoken Dating Rules You NEED to Know

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means that now is the time for dates. However, sometimes dates can go terribly wrong, almost always caused by people not following the unspoken dating rules. Not sure exactly what they are? Continue reading to find out the rules you absolutely need to know.

The Unspoken Dating Rules

Pre-Date Snack

Before going out on a date, make sure to have a small snack. This will prevent you from getting full-blown hangry during the date. If you’re going out for a meal, try to avoid becoming too full, but don’t let yourself get overly-hungry. Also, make sure to pick your snacks wisely and avoid foods with unpleasant scents that may linger such as cheese and onion or garlic.

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Avoid The Cinema

This rule should always be applied to first dates, no matter what. During a first date you want to get to know your date, which you can’t do whilst you’re sat in silence watching a film! Instead, opt to go out for a meal, visit a tourist attraction, go ice skating or something else fun. You’ll be able to relax and the planning will help you to discover your dates hobbies and interests.

Have A Back-Up Plan

Just in case the date goes so bad that you genuinely can’t stay, have a back-up plan. Whether that’s a quick excuse in mind ready to duck out early, or a friend who can call with an ‘emergency’ you absolutely must help with that’s up to you. But your escape should be considered, especially if you’ve not met your date in person before.

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Don’t Mention an Ex

The ‘don’t mention your ex’ rule should be pretty self-explanatory, but we’re putting it in there anyway. As soon as your ex comes into conversation, alarm bells will start to ring for your date which is obviously not a good sign. If you accidentally slip up, play it off, change the subject as quickly as you can and don’t mention them again!

Always Split the Price

No matter who first initiated the date, you should never expect anybody to pay for you. When it comes to paying, offer to split payment with your date.  Not only is it polite, this sets a good impression and may help lead to a second date. Alternatively, if you find that sparks don’t fly you can pay your part and go your separate ways guilt-free.

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Withhold Banter

Even though you should always be yourself on a date, try to withhold banter, specifically, any jokes which your date could find offensive. During the date feel free to test the waters, but be careful not to upset anybody. Once you have an idea of your dates sense of humour and get to know them better, you can then stop withholding any banter.

Be Punctual

This may be obvious, but being punctual is a necessity. If you show up late to a date, it instantly gives a bad impression and can leave your date feeling as though they aren’t important. Running late by accident due to something out of your control? Drop them a message or give them a call to explain the situation so they aren’t left waiting unaware of your whereabouts.

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