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Shaun Pulfrey, first had the idea for the Tangle Teezer brush in 2003 when he was working as a hairstylist in London, and after 4 years of research on development he presented his novel invention to the Dragons on BBC 2's Dragons' Den asking for an £85,000 investment. Despite being bluntly rejected, Shaun persevered with his unique detangling brush concept, and in 2008 the product was accepted by one of the UK's leading high street retailers. Sales rocketed; professionals and consumers adored the brush/comb hybrid which served the needs of thousands of men, women and children who wanted to detangle knotty hair without the pain and damage. Since the initial launch, the brand has gone from strength to strength; the products are still designed and manufactured in Great Britain but are now exported to over 60 countries worldwide and have received countless awards and praise from celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Salma Hayek.

The brand has since expanded their lineup, as well as the Original Styler brush there is now the Compact version perfect for keeping in your bag, and the gorgeous Magic Flowerpot specially designed for children's hands. Each brush features the unique two-tier teeth combination, which makes styling unruly hair a breeze - the longer teeth detangle the knots while the shorter teeth smooth the hair. The result is perfectly untangled, healthy hair, without any of the pain, stress or damage caused by over-brushing with the wrong tools. Suitable for use on both wet and dry hair of all types and textures, these brushes will instantly become an essential in your hair care routine. Available now at with free delivery options.

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