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Known to some as 'the knights in spiral armour', meet the revolutionary hair tools that will put an end to the challenges you've had when tying your hair up. Meet Invisibobble

How did it all begin, I hear you ask? Well, Sophie was at University, and was constantly throwing her hair up into a ponytail or messy bun whilst she worked away, head down in her books, or on a night out when she got a little too hot from busting all of those moves. The only issue Sophie had was that she kept getting headaches, and always had that pesky kink in her hair the next day.

One night, Sophie was getting ready for a crazy fancy dress party and needed to pimp up her hair a little more, when she spotted the out of use old-school telephone on her wall. She unplugged the cord and used that to tie her hair back. The next day, she had no headache and no kink. Sophie had just discovered something that would help girls all over the world!

Say goodbye to kinks, split ends and those 'tied up too tight headaches' with Invisibobble Original. This little spiralled ring of joy will keep your hair secured into place without causing kinks, snagging on your hair or splitting and breaking your hair. It's also super hygienic, as it won't soak up water whilst you swim, bathe or shower! 

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