#HQGirlCrush: Marina and the Diamonds

Wales isn’t often known for it’s connections with ultra cool, sassy females. Apart from Tom Jones and the Stereophonics, we can’t think of many other singers, songwriters or bands off the top of our heads! But that’s why Marina and the Diamonds stands out from the crowd, and is the first in our #HQGirlCrush series. Not only is Marina absolutely stunning, with her unique sense of style and quirky good looks, but her pop-indie songs are packed full of feel good lyrics and one liners to live your life by.

So, who is Marina and the Diamonds?

As mentioned already, Marina and the Diamonds is a singer-songwriter from Wales. Marina’s birth name is equally as fabulous as her stage persona, with this sultry songstresses birth certificate naming her ‘Marina Lambrini Diamandis’…. Even from birth Marina was destined for big things.

With her latest album ‘Froots’ she has continued to produce upbeat, feel good songs, alongside a nice slow number or two as well. Marina has come a long way since the debut sounds of her first album ‘The Family Jewels’ in 2010, but still stays true to her quirky, stylish self!

Top 3 Marina and the Diamonds Looks

The American Sweetheart // Hollywood Music Video

‘I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America’

One of the first times we saw Marina was on her video for ‘Hollywood’ where she captured our hearts with those belting vocal chords! One of the more classic looks you can catch on Marina and the Diamonds, this bold red lip and heavily lined eye look can be recreated with some of our favourites from NARS. Simply slick on the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red and smudge the Lord and Berry Luxury Eyeliner in Black around those peepers to add a sexy definition to your eyes.

The Sparkle Princess // I Am Not A Robot Music Video

‘Better to be hated than loved, loved, loved for what you’re not’

I Am Not A Robot is one of our favourite songs and videos from Marina and the Diamonds. With some absolutely stunning make up skills on display, we think one of the more ‘simple’ looks from the video could be totally wearable on a daily basis (okay, maybe not to the office, but you could easily tone this down for a night out!). A few diamantes stuck on here and there with the aid of some eyelash glue and you’re laughing all the way to the dance floor.

How To Be A Heartbreaker // The Primadonna Phase

‘Got you wrapped around my finger, babe. You can count on me to misbehave’

Marina totally rocked the grey-blonde hair hues before a majority of instagram even got a look in. With doll like bottom lashes and a cutesy heart drawn on your cheek, this look is the epitome of ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ but with a cheeky side of sass. Pop a punchy pink shade on your lips and define those brows with a High Definition kit to set this look alight.

Which one of Marina’s looks is your favourite?

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