Are you set to slay this month? Scroll down to discover your October Horoscope 2018 and see what the spookiest month has got brewin’…

October Horoscope 2018


20 January – 18 February

Aquarius Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Aquarius quote of the month: “School ’em all”

They say that September’s normally the month for taking up a new class or starting afresh with studying, but for you Aquarius it looks like it’s all happening in October. You’re feelin’ yourself, and it’s time to channel that energy in learning something new. Whether it’s starting an online coding course or picking up that spanish dictionary for the first time in months, the stars have aligned to make sure that you’ve got the follow through for that (very educated) whim.

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(19 February – 20 March)

Pisces Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Pisces quote of the month: “Be the change”

As the seasons change, you might find yourself wanting to hibernate (duvet day every day? Go on then.), but push yourself to take action as there are plenty of opportunities to speak up and make a change this month.

This doesn’t mean just dragging yourself to work every day, Pisces, your October horoscope is sayin’ that you’ve got the chance to really make a change. Whether that means volunteering at a uni event or getting involved with some charity work, you can really make a difference.

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(21 March – 20 April)

Aries Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Aries quote of the month: “Run the world'”

Let’s hear it for all our independent ladies this month, Aries. Whether you’re normally one of a group or stand out on your own regularly, the beginning of October will see you standing up and proving your independence regularly. Put on your Beyonce playlist and own it.

Towards the end of the month however, things are gonna start heating up with a SO. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, your bold actions are capturing hearts, and you’ll start seein’ more love – and self-love – by the time October comes to a close.

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(20 April – 20 May)

Taurus Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Taurus quote of the month: “Gotta werk”

Things are really starting to ramp up at work, but there’s nothing you can’t handle this month, Taurus. It may seem like your workload’s doubled as we reach the final quarter of this year, but you’re totally cool and on top of everything.

Start focusing on project work towards the end of the month. You might have been putting it off a while, but your head’s got it all worked out and your logic will make sure you see it through to the end.

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(21 May – 20 June)

Gemini Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Gemini quote of the month: “Play all day”

Is there something in the water, Gemini? You’re finding it hard to concentrate at work or uni, and all you’re thinking of all day is what you’re doing that evening or your weekend plans. You’re feelin’ social, and you’re the centre of everyone’s plans this October.

Channel your fun side into more creative projects – get working on that side hustle. Make work your play, and your month will fly by.

Gemini Product of the Month

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(21 June – 22 July)

Cancer Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Cancer quote of the month: “It’s a vibe”

Okay Cancer, where was our invite? Looks like you’re constantly on the go this month, whether it’s with your friends, SO or at work, and you’re absolutely loving it.

You might catch up with someone from your past and the nostalgia triggers you on to a creative project towards the end of the month. You’ll experience a sense on enlightenment right at the end of your October horoscope period, so expect big things.

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(23 July – 22 August)

Leo Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Leo quote of the month: “Good vibes only'”

Are you planning a Halloween party, Leo? Creativity and socialising are top priorities this month, so it only make sense for you to be key party planner.

Focus on your relationships and you’ll see them develop and blossom towards the end of the month. Everyone loves being in your company RN, so make the most of it and indulge in having the best time ever.

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(23 August – 23 September)

Virgo Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Virgo quote of the month: “Drippin’ in finesse”

Now that you’ve spent your birthday dolla’, you’re focusing on sorting your finances this month. Of course you blew it last month, but your October horoscope is sayin’ that you’ve got the focus and perseverance to get everything in order by the time the month’s out.

When you do spend your money, look at investment pieces or anything that can serve more than one purpose. By the time payday comes round you’ll have some savings set ready to make sure you’re a baller.

Virgo Product of the Month

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(24 September – 23 October)

Libra Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Libra quote of the month: “Birthday bae”

With it being your birthday this month, your astrological sign is filled to the brim with energy, Libra, and you are definitely feelin’ yourself.

Take hold of your newfound confidence and channel it into creating something new. Whether it’s a project you’ve been sidelining at work or finally getting down into the nitty gritty of your dissertation, the stars have aligned to make sure you’re definitely gonna smash it.

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(24 October -22 November)

Scorpio Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Scorpio quote of the month: “Feelin’ flames'”

You’re filled to the brim with energy this month Scorpio, but without the right channel to focus it through you might be feelin’ irritable and restricted, which isn’t much fun for you or your colleagues. To help ease this mood, indulge in some exercise – whether it’s smashing the gym or enjoying some time out at the local park before it gets too cold – and you’ll find yourself in a better place both physically and mentally.

Just in time for your birthday (!), you’re gonna be gettin’ a whole lot of enlightenment heading your way. Reassess relationships towards the end of the month to work out who you really want to spend time with in your next astrological year.

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(23 November – 23 December)

Sagittarius Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Sagittarius quote of the month: “Goal digger”


Been waiting on the right time, Sagittarius? Well, now you’ve got no excuse. Your October horoscope this month is all about pursuing your goals and making sure you aim high to hit right where you need to be. Whether it’s in your home, work or personal life, you’re in a “sort sh*t out” mood to get you where you wanna be before the end of the year.

Prepare for growth, as with goal hittin’ comes opportunity for change.

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(22 December – 19 January)

Capricorn Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Capricorn quote of the month: “Define and shine”

Nothing can stop you this month, Capricorn. There’s a focus on your career and uni work this month, so step back, reassess and define your own goals to make sure you’re working in the direction of your end goal.

Do this all for yourself, but just be aware that your boss is keeping an eye on you and will note everything for future rewards. A bonus just in time for those Black Friday beauty deals..?

Capricorn Product of the Month

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