Top 5 Slumber Party Chick Flicks

With the constant winter weather outside, a night in with your squad is much more appealing than being out and about in the cold and rain. Of course, when you’re staying in, you need something to do to keep boredom at bay. Here at HQhair, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 slumber party chick flicks so you can have a movie night that everyone will enjoy!

Mean Girls

Chances are, unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ll have seen Mean Girls. Despite that, it’s definitely one of the few films we could watch over and over again and never get bored! Just sit down, straighten each other’s hair and enjoy watching an entire group of fake friends fall apart, it will make sure you realise how amazing your friends are!


Clueless is 100% one of those guilty pleasure chick flicks you’ll find yourself watching way too often. But have you ever watched it with your squad? Grab some popcorn, pop on one of the bubble face masks and enjoy watching complete character changes whilst your skin experiences its own glam transformation.

Sex and the City

An absolutely classic slumber party chick flick is Sex and the City! This rom-com will have you all in laughter and tears, what more could you want? Don’t forget to grab the nail polish and give each other manicures whilst you’re watching!

John Tucker Must Die

Perfect if one of you are having guy troubles; cheer up and get some revenge inspiration all at once with John Tucker Must Die! Put on some makeup, take some Instagram-worthy selfies together and get everyone feeling envious of you on social media. The beauty bauble has all the staples to glam up your everyday look…


Our final favourite chick flick is another classic, Bridesmaids. If you like ‘Hangover’ then this is the sassier, female version you’ll love! As this film is all about girl power, swipe on some winged liner and embrace your confident, bold side!