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How To Even Out Your Skin Tone Once And For All

Perhaps one of the most common skincare woes we hear about is an uneven complexion – more specifically, those dark spots left over from our acne-ridden teenage years. To make matters worse, they are seriously difficult to get rid of (and challenging to conceal) once you’ve got them. Enter: the dark spot corrector. If you don’t already have one in your skincare regimen, it’s time to invest to even out your skin tone.

Whilst there are plenty of options out there, it’s important to know what kind of formula to look for and how to use them properly. Whilst Hydroquinone is widely considered the gold-standard lightening agent, says dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD, there are plenty of other, less-abrasive options. She says “you can also look for kojic acid, liquorice root extract, vitamin C, niacinamide, soy and retinoid when battling dark spots and imperfections”.

Our favourite is:

Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Skin Brightening Corrector

What it is: A Hydroquinone-free skin brightening treatment that dramatically helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin discolourations, Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Skin Brightenning Corrector is super effective on the face, decollete and tops of hands. With continued use, this powerful but non-irritating formula promises results in as little as two weeks.

How it works: Containing a skin brightening complex that works to expertly address dark spots and uneven skin tone, Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Skin Brightenning Corrector promises to visibily reduce damage caused by ageing, sun damage and acne.

How to use: Apply directly to the affected areas twice daily. Follow up with sunscreen to maintain results and avoid future discolouration.