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How To Take Your Makeup Off (Properly)

We all know how important it is to take your makeup off before you go to bed. Sleeping with your makeup on can not only cause breakouts (thanks to some seriously clogged pores) but it can also break down healthy collagen and consequently increase the process of ageing. Put simply: it’s not a step you should be skipping. And with party season well and truly upon us, this boring (but necessary) skincare step is more important than you think. To help you get motivated, we have gathered some expert advice on How To Take Your Makeup Off (Properly) this festive season.

How To Take Your Makeup Off (Properly)

The Essentials

First thing’s first; makeup wipes aren’t enough. Although the easy life is always a temptation, makeup wipes only remove what’s on the surface of the skin, which means both the pores and the dermis are left neglected. So, while they’re OK to use as a first step, they’re not enough to remove makeup thoroughly.

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So, where to begin?

Step One: Steam

Start by tying your hair back to make sure you can see the whole face. This way, you’re less likely to miss any areas, in particular those that are easy to miss, like the hairline, neck and jaw. Next, you’ve got the option of steaming. Whilst not totally necessary, steaming helps to open up pores and deepen the cleanse. Either steam in a hot shower or submerge your muslin cloth in hot water and then put it on your face for 30 seconds.

Step Two: Cleanse

It’s time to cleanse. Using an oil-based cleanser (we love DHC Deep Cleansing Oil) massage a 50p size into skin in circular motions to help lift makeup and dissolve excess oil and sebum from the skin. Simply wash off with warm water and a muslin cloth.

Step Three: Cleanse

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Okay, so you’re probably thinking: ‘I’ve just done that!’ but cleansing again with an alternate cleanser allows you to tackle a different skincare concern. For example, if your skin is prone to acne, you might try a clarifying cleanser such as REN’s ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser or if dry, try a gentle formula like Caudalie’s Gentle Cleansing MilkA facial brush, such as Magnitone London BareFaced Vibra-Sonic™ Daily Cleansing Brush is also great o use once or twice a week to remove dead skin and stubborn dirt and grime.

Step Four: Eyes

Whilst your oil-cleanser is great to get rid of the first layer of mascara, it’s important you remove your eye makeup both thoroughly and carefully. The skin around the eyes is thinner and therefore more susceptible to infestion, The important thing to remember is not to rub them. Whether it be cotton wool, your fingers or the dreaded makeup wipe – they need to be treated with care.

All you need to do is soak a cotton wool pad with a gentle eye makeup remover – we love benefit’s Remove It Makeup Remover – and hold it over your eyes to soften any makeup that’s there. Then, wipe downwards in the direction of your eyelash growth to avoid breaking or pulling.

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So, there you have it. Four easy steps guaranteed to take your makeup off: properly.