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Illamasqua Nudes Collection Review | HQhair Blog

Your basics are about to get an upgrade. Cult makeup brand Illamasqua have just dropped their brand new Nude Collection prompting us to ‘Innovate, Don’t Imitate’, and are calling on us to join the #NudeRevolution. Want to see what Team HQ made of the whole collection? Keep reading to see our Illamasqua Nude Collection review.

Illamasqua Nude Collection Review

The Nude Collection is made up of a mix of classic Illamasqua makeup products that we love already, but in updated nude hues in a mix of shades that will suit all skin tones. From lipsticks in brown and purple tones through to the eyeshadow palette that everyone’s talking about, there will be a no makeup makeup product to suit your style and skin tone.


Unveiled Eyeshadow Palette

Illamasqua Unveiled Eyehshadow Palette Review | HQhair Blog

Yvonne loves to create a statement makeup look using eyeshadow, so it’s no surprise that she jumped at the chance to take home the Unveiled Eyeshadow Palette.

To create this look, she used the nude shade at the bottom right of the palette as a base, applying with a fluffy makeup brush. Then she took the beige matte shade to the left as a transition. The last matte shade used was the mauve brown shade on the bottom left of the palette, used to darken the crease and create depth on the outer half of the eyelid.

The matte shades are buttery soft and easy to blend and smoke out, while having enough pigment to be completely buildable.

To make a real statement, Yvonne used the red-pink shimmer shade at the top left of the Illamasqua eyeshadow palette. Applied using her fingers, she was able to create a highly pigmented shimmer across her entire eyelid. To complete the look, she used the lightest shimmer shade as an inner corner highlight.

The shimmer shades were just as easy to blend as the matte ones, and held their shimmer without fallout.

Iconic Chrome Eyeshadow – Provacative

Illamasqua Iconic Chrome Provocative Review | HQhair Blog

If you’re not familiar with Illamasqua Iconic Chrome eyeshadows, these are small pots with a lot of pigment. These glitter makeup formulas are a cream in the pot, and then slowly transform into a longwearing powder on contact with skin.

Olivia blended hers in the shade Provocative, a beaut copper rose colour, across her entire lid to create a foil finish.

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Iconic Chrome Eyeshadow – Captivating, and Antimatter Lipstick in Shaula

illamasqua antimatter lipstick shaula iconic chrome captivating review | HQhair Blog

Lucy took home the lilac colour, a cool-tone that works well with similar blue shades. Patted on with the tips of her finger, Lucy created a highly pigmented eyeshadow look just on the eyelid without blending.

Iconic Chrome Eyeshadow – Alluring

illamasqua iconic chrome alluring review | HQhair Blog

Phoebe preferred to apply hers with a makeup brush, resulting in a much more diffused look. Alluring is a warm gold colour that suits all skin types.


Beyond Powder Highlighter – Dare

Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter Dare Review | HQhair Blog

Illamasqua highlighters have a reputation that proceeds them, so of course the entirety of Team HQ wanted to try the two new shades that are part of the Nude Collection.

Felicia swatched the shade Dare, a rose gold highlighter that works just as well on the highs of the face as it does as an all over illuminiser.

Beyond Powder Highlighter – Risque, Iconic Chrome Eyeshadow – Mesmerising and Lip Colouring Pencil in Exposed

illamasqua beyond powder risque iconic chrome mesmirising lip pencil exposed review | HQhair Blog

The beautiful Carys opted for the marbled Beyond Powder in Risque, a mix of pink and rose gold.

Paired with the Iconic Chrome in Mesmerising and lip liner in Exposed (more on the liners later), this is a pretty nude look for everyday wear.

Lipstick and Lip Liner

Antimatter Lipstick in Elara

illamasqua antimatter lipstick elara review | HQhair Blog

Illamasqua lipstick is used by MUAs worldwide, thanks to its longwearing and highly pigmented formulas. The Nude Collection has a massive six new shades, and Team HQ tested each one.

Laura opted for Elara, a dark brown nude that applied easily, without needed to layer up to get a high colour payoff.

Antimatter Lipstick in Maya and Lip Colouring Pencil in Undressed

illamasqua antimatter lipstick maya lip liner undressed review | HQhair Blog

Phoebe opted to layer her lipstick over one of the lip liners. The liner Undressed is a rose-coloured pink, and the lipstick Maya is a dark pink shade. Layered, you get a dark nude pink shade with tonal depth.

Antimatter Lipstick in Vela and Lip Colouring Pencil in Raw

Antimatter Lipstick in Vela Lip Pencil Raw Review | HQhair Blog

Victoria went for the lighter shades, resulting in a semi-matte finish lip look.

Antimatter Lipstick in Chara

Antimatter Lipstick in Chara Review | HQhair Blog

Alicia’s subtle nude is a “my lips but better” shade. The semi-matte finish didn’t dry out Alicia’s lips like a matter lipstick normally would, so she’s completely sold on the shade Chara.

Antimatter Lipstick in Celestial

Antimatter Lipstick in Celestial Review | HQhair Blog

Of course, an Illamasqua Nude Collection wouldn’t just be browns and pinks – they’ve also added this limited edition purple shade Celestial to complement the rest of the collection. Brighter in nature than the rest of the shades, this is the perfect nude lipstick for someone that doesn’t want to be a wallflower.