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Grab your best baes, ‘cos it’s National Sleepover Day. We’ve done our research (yep, that means invited the squad round and watched the Princess Diaries) and got the ultimate list of fun things to do at a sleepover.

Fun Things to do at a Sleepover

  • Start by giving out personalised slumber soiree invites

Because it’s not a sleepover, it’s a soiree.

  • Pick a theme

Whether your theme’s rose gold or just being extra AF, decide on a theme and go with it, from invites to dress code.

  • Decorate your room to match

Go totally over the top on decorations, ’cause we like to make an impression.

  • Make sure you’re twinning with your squad

Twinning is winning, and we’ll take any excuse to get matching pyjamas.

Not for the first time @clarevmb ?‍♀️ #wedidthelegsthewrongway

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  • Make a killa’ party playlist

We’re never gonna judge your music taste. If you want to add Justin Bieber, you do your thing.

  • Get snacks

Popcorn, nachos, ice cream, biscuits, chocolate… The list is basically endless.

  • Make your room cosy

Because we all know there’s no such thing as too many cushions.

  • Check out which films are on Netflix

Namely, which films you remember from being a kid are on there.

Don't let loud snacks get between you and the storyline.

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  • Or just watch every episode of Gossip Girl you can (again)

And have the debate as to who’s the Blair and who’s the Serena in your squad.

  • Order on Deliveroo before it gets too late

Because there’s nothing sadder than not being able to get the exact burger you want and having to order something else.

  • Eat too much, then keep eating

There’s an extra stomach for dessert, anyway.

All of them will do!! ???? #DEVOURPOWER ?: @foodiemobbb ?: @tacoselvenado

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  • Give each other manicures

Hand massages available for an extra fee.

Florals ??

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  • Face masks

The ultimate in sleepover beauty.

  • Find the weirdest people your mates follow on instagram

Your cousin’s friend’s aunt’s dog, perhaps?

  • Set up “candid” photo shoots

Oh this? This is just how I chill.

  • … but accidentally take the perfect meme-worthy photo

Off-duty, but not in a model off-duty way.

  • Give each other the ultimate makeover

So what if you’re not going out? Get that contour on point.

  • … and give the first person to fall asleep a makeover they might rock on an average day.

Keep. Adding. Blusher.

So relatable ? #eyelashgoals

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  • Play text roulette

Write out a text and then hit send to a random person in their contacts. The fear.


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  • Definitely don’t be the first to fall asleep

You never know what’ll happen…

  • Throw cushions at anyone who dares to snore

‘Cause no one interrupts our beauty sleep.

El primero en caer lava los platos ? #pillowfight #couplegoals

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  • Spend half an hour deciding what to make for breakfast…

Decisions are hard in the morning!

  • …make it all

So why make decisions when you can have all the food?

What Sunday’s look like with Jack n’ Freda ♥️

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  • Stack those pancakes high!

We don’t know what the world record is, but we’re happy to try and beat it.

A week on from Pancake Day and we’ve just about come off that sugar high!⠀ ⠀ A big thanks is in order ??⠀ ⠀ First – to our team. You’re an absolute bunch of legends. Chefs and KP heroes, who slogged it out in hot kitchens creating pancake magic, some of whom came in at 4am to prepare for the day ahead! Front of house superstars – your energy and enthusiasm blows us away! ⠀ ⠀ Second – our restaurant friends and foodie pals. Thanks to @cupcakesandshhht @pizzapilgrims @bulleitwhiskey @coqfighter @meringuegirls for working with us to create the BEST Pancake Day Specials menu EVER. It was a hell of a lot of fun.⠀ ⠀ Lastly – YOU, our customers. Thanks for sharing the excitement in the lead up to the big day. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for queuing. Thanks for the love and support and feedback. Thanks for helping us shift 18,055 pancakes. Thanks to the Challengers who attempted to tackle 12 pancakes in 12 minutes or less – you for helped us raise £2,400 for @GoodDayProductions our award-winning volunteering programme. 222 of you took it on, 192 of you FAILED! BRING ON NEXT YEAR ❤️?

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  • Head back IRL and start planning the next one…

brb, just gonna hit snooze on real life.

Sleepover Beauty Essentials

Now you’ve made plans, it’s time to add-to-bag with all the sleepover beauty essentials you could need (and maybe a few more, just for you). From face masks to intensive hair masks, this is your ultimate edit.

Fun Things to do at a Sleepover | National Sleepover Day | HQhair Blog

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