5 Beauty Resolutions We Should All Make This Year

With a new year comes new goals, and there is nothing the HQhair gals love more than setting ourselves some beauty resolutions to up our skincare and beauty routine. Over the festive season, we tend to indulge on a little extra alcohol, later nights, and a lot of extra cheese and chocolate.. hey, there are no judgements here!

Now that the party season is out of the way, it’s time to take control and put those beauty bad habits to rest with our 5 Beauty Resolutions We Should All Make This Year.

  1. Throw Away Out Of Date Make-Up

    If you’re not sure how to check whether your makeup is out of date, just take a look on the packaging where you will see a small symbol that looks like a pot. Inside the symbol will be a number, and then an ‘M’. This shows how many months you should keep the product for after opening it, for example if you have an eye cream which has ‘6M‘ inside the pot symbol, you should be throwing it out after 6 months of opening it. Yep, we were as shocked as Carrie too when we found out.

  2. Cleanse Your Skin Properly

    If you’re a face-wipe-and-go kinda gal, this one is definitely for you. Here at HQhair, we believe that the likes of face wipes and micellar water are amazing, however they should be used in conjunction with a proper cleanser. For example, if you’ve just finished a mean session at the gym, it’s totally cool to use micellar water or a face wipe in the changing rooms before you head home, but once you are home you should cleanse your face properly with an oil, a balm or a face wash!

    Take a look at our favourite cleansers here.

  3. Wash Your Makeup Brushes... Regularly!

    Alright, alright, we know this one is kind of annoying, but regularly washing your makeup brushes is really important, especially if you and your bffs tend to share whilst you’re getting ready for a night out. Over time, your brushes will hold bacteria and dirt in them. If you then keep using the brushes, you’re more likely to break out into spots (no thanks!).

    We recommend washing your brushes every 1-2 weeks, dependent on how often you use them of course. If avoiding spots isn’t enough, using cleaner makeup brushes will allow for smoother makeup application!

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  4. Find Your Skincare Routine

    Figure out what your skin needs by working out what any problem areas are. For example, if your skin is too oily, it might actually be due to you stripping the oils out too harshly or too regularly.

    Take a look at our ‘What Is My Skin Type‘ guide to find out how your skin works and what products can help any problems you might have.

  5. Take Some Time To Pamper Your Skin

    Once a week (we say Sunday is the best day), take a few hours to give yourself a good pamper. Whether you pop on a face mask, have a long soak in some bath oils, treat your hair to a mask or apply a nail treatment, having a little chillout time will take care of your skin and your mind. Get some of your favourite music on and relax with a book or magazine!

    Take a look at our favourite bath products here.

Will you be getting rid of those bad habits and upping your beauty game for 2017? Let us know how over on Twitter & Instagram!



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