Eat These Five Foods for A Mood Boost This January

The post-Christmas blues have set in, and this lacklustre month tends to have a negative effect on everybody’s mood. However, you can improve how you feel quite easily without the need for partying! We’ve gathered five of the top foods for a mood boost that you should eat this January to feel good.

Five Foods For A Mood Boost


One of the best mood-boosting foods is coconut. Providing instant brain fuel, it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and lower blood pressure. Whether you eat it on its own as a snack, add it to your smoothies or mix it into your cereal, this versatile fruit will boost your happy hormone, serotonin.

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Dark Chocolate

After a tough day, chocolate is the answer to everything! However, for the best results, put the milk chocolate back into the cupboard and enjoy a few squares of dark chocolate instead. Eating 70% cocoa chocolate has been proven to reduce the production of stress hormones, resulting in decreased levels of anxiety.


Even though salad isn’t the most interesting food, it’s great for both your mental and physical health. Packed with B vitamins, spinach helps to increase serotonin production, whilst also boosting energy levels. Add it to a salad for lunch, mix it with stir-fry or blend it into soup or a smoothie for the ultimate health kick.

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Packed with protein, chicken is super versatile and great for health. Providing the body with amino acid tryptophan, it gets transformed into serotonin and it can dramatically improve your mood. Eat it on a sandwich, with vegetables, with pasta or any other way you like – the possibilities are endless!


Nuts are a great source of fatty acids and other nutrients, making them a good snack. Brazil nuts in particular are also packed with mineral selenium, which has been shown to decrease feelings of irritability, tiredness, depression and anxiety. Eat them alone, crush them up with fruit or eat them with salad or stir-fry.

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