New In: The Self-Cleaning Makeup Brush

Gals, we all know the struggle; cleaning makeup brushes is not fun. In fact, we could go as far to say that it is our least favourite beauty chore. We all get a little lazy from time to time and we can end up going weeks without washing our brushes (who seriously has the time to clean their brushes everyday!?) However, we’re not gonna lie, it is so important to ensure that your makeup brushes are getting the TLC that they deserve or else these three disasters may strike:

  1.  Bacteria build up. It’s simple, if you don’t wash your brushes then they will start to get gather dirt and dust. If you’re then using your brushes to apply your makeup, then you may end up clogging your pores. This could result in multiple break outs and skin irritation.
  2.  Your makeup will actually end up looking a lot worse. Makeup brushes are perfect for helping you to achieve flawless foundation and buff away any harsh lines to help you achieve a seamless complexion. But, if you’re not going to regularly clean your brushes, then you’ll face the risk of your makeup looking patchy – eek!  
  3. Finally, if you look after your brushes and wash them then they will actually last longer and you will get that good-as-new feeling every time that you use them.

So, it’s pretty simple… Dirty makeup brushes need cleaning! But we’re pretty sure that, like the gals at HQhair, you guys are pretty busy and maybe don’t have the time to wash your brushes daily. So, that’s why HQhair are launching their very own self-cleaning makeup brush. Yep, you heard us correctly. This is going to be a game changer. Basically, every 24 hours the brush will release an alcohol free, non-drying formula that will remove all makeup residue, meaning that every morning you’ll be waking up to a completely fresh, clean makeup brush.

Self-cleaning brush


April fools!

We got you didn’t we!? Although, we’re not gonna lie, we’d be more than happy if this product was invented!

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