The 5 Most Googled Questions About Highlighter

A good highlighter can completely transform your makeup look! Whether you’re a fan of the rainbow highlight trend or prefer a subtle glow, everyone can appreciate a touch of shimmer. Yet if you’re a beginner in the glowing product or struggling to get to grips with it, it can leave you looking quite OTT, like Rihanna in the music video for Umbrella… We’ve taken the 5 most Googled questions about highlighter and answered them right here so you can become a glowing goddess with ease!

The 5 Most Googled Questions About Highlighter

Q1. How Do I Apply Highlighter to My Face?

To apply highlighter, you should start by using a small amount of product. Lightly apply it in all the places where light would naturally hit your face such as the bridge of your nose, the forehead, the tip of your chin and the top of your cheekbones. You can also use it to define and emphasise certain areas such as below the brow bone, on your cupid’s bow or on the inner eye.

Q2. What Should I Use to Apply Highlighter?

There are plenty of ways to apply highlighter, but there are two particular types of brushes which work best. For larger areas such as the cheeks and forehead, you should opt for a fan brush. For smaller areas such as the cupid’s bow, below the brow and the nose, a fluffy eyeshadow brush is the best option.

Q3. What Highlighter Should I Get?

Makeup is creative and you can wear whichever highlighter you want to! However, there are certain tones and formulas which will suit your individual skin better than others. For lighter skin tones, a pearl highlight will work well. For darker skin tones, a bronze-gold toned highlight will be more flattering.

Q4. How Do I Set Liquid Highlighter?

After applying a liquid highlighter, you should wait a minute or two for it to dry. Then you can set your highlight for longer wear. Start by dusting a translucent powder over the highlighted area, then finish with a makeup fixing mist.

Q5. When Should I Apply Highlighter and Bronzer?

To get the desired glowing look, you should apply your highlighter and bronzer as one of the last steps in your makeup application. The only products you should apply after them for a contoured look is blusher, translucent powder and setting spray. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of the liquid formula into your foundation for a subtle, all-over healthy glow.

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