There’s been a lot of talk about Kate Middleton recently. With her healthy appetite for high street fashion, her lovely long glossy locks her amazing physique but there’s one more thing…Everyone’s after Kate’s  gorgeous lightly bronzed tan! She’s  far from the fake bake and tangerine Essex Girl, so how has Kate managed this beautifully subtle summer glow, Which has gained the Royal seal of approval?

You can achieve this look by using the amazing LDN:SKINS, apply the ‘Gradual Tan Lotion Tone 1’ all over your body using a tanning mitt.

Take a look at my useful tips below!

  • Arms- Start at the shoulder and then work your way down the arm, make sure to tan the side of the body/breast and very lightly over the armpit, leave your hands till last and use whatever is left on your mitt to gently apply onto the back of your hands.
  • Legs- start at the front of the ankle using one pump at a time and work your way up the leg once you have done this you will need to tan your feet using the residue on the mitt employing the same principle as for the hands.
  • Neck&Face- apply liberally as you would a moisturiser on to your face and neck blending downwards then wipe the upper lip and eyebrows slightly with a dry towel to ensure they are not overly dark.
  • A good tip is to apply moisturiser all over your hands, feet, elbows and knee caps once you have tanned as it minimises the darkness!

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 If you’ve tried out any of the LDN: Skins tanning ranging, we would love to hear your thoughts and maybe even tips!

Lots of love Beth xxx




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