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When we’re having a bad hair day, the first place we turn is to our trusty ghd’s. Leading the way in haircare innovation, ghd have been creating the most sought-after hair straighteners and hair dryers for over a decade. Having saved us from many a hair disaster; we thought we couldn’t love the brand any more than we do – so that’s why we reckon we’re the experts at judging the best ghd straighteners and hair dryers.

Best ghd Straighteners and Hair Dryers 2020

Best ghd 2019

  1. ghd Original Styler (IV Styler)
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    ghd Original Styler (IV Styler)

    Are you a ghd purist? Then make sure you’ve got the original ghd IV styler on your to-buy list.

    The ultimate hair straightener, these feature slim irons that can used to both straighten and curl, with a 2.8m cord to make sure you can style your hair the sassy way wherever you are. The advanced ceramic irons heat up quickly and evenly distribute the heat across the whole iron, meaning you can style hair proficiently and with precision.

    Still not sure on whether to invest? We’ll leave it to this on-site review to truly justify it…

    They are head and shoulders above the rest.

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  2. ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush
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    ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush

    Just launched, the ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush is a heated paddle hair brush that will straighten as it detangles. Much like their hair straighteners, this straightening brush utillises ionic technology to tame and smooth individual follicles, and create a salon standard finish.

    The high density bristles effectively glide through hair to ensure that there are as few pulls and snags as possible, and the optimum 185 degree Centigrade heat will ensure that hair is styled,  but isn’t damaged by excess exposure to heat.

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  3. ghd Air Hair Dryer
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    ghd Air Hair Dryer

    This is definitely everyone’s favourite ghd hair dryer. The ghd Air boasts multiple power and temperature controls to allow you to tailor the experience to your hair type and utilises Advanced Ionic Technology to effortlessly reduce frizz and flyaways for a silky smooth finish.

    Offering a salon-standard blow-dry, the sleek dryer provides easy handling and dreamy pink accents for a added touch of GHD style.

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  4. ghd Creative Curl Wand (28-23mm)
    £109.65 Buy now with HQhair

    ghd Creative Curl Wand (28-23mm)

    If you’re on the hunt for the best curling wand, this would be a pretty good place to start. The ghd Creative Curl Wand is used by hair stylists across the globe to create professional results with an at-home product.

    Heating up to 185 degrees Celsius, these hair curlers feature a tapered wand, meaning you have the ultimate control and precision in creating curly or wavy hair. Due to the shape of the tapered barrel, you can create looks from ringlets through to beachy waves.

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  5. ghd Platinum+ Black Straighteners
    £151.20 Buy now with HQhair

    ghd Platinum+ Black Straighteners

    Up your hair game with the GHD Platinum+ Straighteners. Created with innovative tri-zone technology, the hair straighteners have been formulated with sensors in each plate to ensure an optimum temperature is consistently maintained.

    Boasting shimmering floating plates, the black styler delivers a smooth, frizz-free finish. Featuring an automatic sleep mode, universal voltage and a salon-standard cord, this limited edition styler makes for the perfect travel partner. It’s no wonder many consider these to be the best hair straighteners.

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  6. ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong (32mm)
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    ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong (32mm)

    If you’re looking to create loose curls or a beach wave look, then the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tongs are the best hair curlers for you. Featuring a wide barrel at 32mm, it’s easy to create a looser wave with volume and bounce.

    Like the Creative Curl Wand, these also heat up to 185 degrees Celcius, and we love the in-built cool tip which helps to minimise risk of accident and give you greater control of your end result.

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  7. ghd Gold Styler
    £149.00 Buy now with HQhair

    ghd Gold Styler

    These are the best ghd hair straighteners to do it for the ‘gram. The ghd Gold Styler is a sleek design with gold plates, and will make sure your hair is just as instagrammable too.

    Developed with multi-styling options in mind, this has a rounded curved barrel, meaning you can use these hair straighteners to curl hair too.

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  8. ghd Max Styler
    £119.20 Buy now with HQhair

    ghd Max Styler

    The next irons on our list of the best ghds, the Max Styler is a much wider iron, meaning it’s perfect for those with thicker hair, or afro caribbean hair.

    We wouldn’t suggest this hair straightener if you’re after ones which can curl your hair too, but these wide irons are perfect for sleek styles and everyday hair straightening. The contoured plates will help the irons to slide through hair easily, meaning there are less snags and helping to keep hair as healthy as possible.

    Not convinced? Read our five star on-site review

    I have long, thick, coarse hair that I have highlighted every six weeks. The ghd glides so smooth and straightens in seconds. My hair feels so soft and smooth, now I can get the same results as my stylist.

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  9. ghd Flight Travel Hair Dryer with Protective Case
    £59.00 Buy now with HQhair

    ghd Flight Travel Hair Dryer with Protective Case

    Brand new, and we’re already obsessed, this ghd travel hair dryer is already a must-have for our haircare collection.

    This beaut Christmas gift set features both a powerful travel hair dryer and a protective case. Perfect for packing for a weekend away, the case serves as a heat protecting mat, and will also make sure that your hair dryer travels safely from A to B. The hair dryer itself is compact yet powerful, giving you the sassy results you’d expect from only the best ghd products.

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  10. ghd Aura™ Hair Dryer
    £145.00 Buy now with HQhair

    ghd Aura™ Hair Dryer

    Last on our list of the best ghds is their Aura Hair Dryer. The best hair dryer for ultimate control with a funneled nozzle and heat temprature controls, this will help you to create a bespoke blow dry experience at home.

    Trademarked Laminair technology will help to increase precision styling, and the targeted nozzle will help top decrease frizz leaving hair shiny and looking in optimum condition.

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  11. ghd Earth Gold Original Styler
    £109.00 Buy now with HQhair

    ghd Earth Gold Original Styler

    The new limited edition ghd Earth Gold Original Styler is an addition to our list of the best ghds. The same as the ghd Gold straighteners, the Earth is a beautiful addition to anyone’s hair tools collection,

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Get ready to slay with the best ghd straightener and hair dryer EVER.

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