Last month, the respected Jemma Kidd joined us on our Facebook Page to answer all of your beauty and non-beauty related questions. Read her answers to your questions, below!

Jemma Kidd, new to HQhair, uses the latest and best formulations and techniques to really enhance our natural looks. Take a look at her range here.

Question – I’ve got quite dark circles under my eyes and I need something to stop them from being so visible, can you suggest anything (Samantha Wackenier)

Jemma   I love using colour correctors, yellow/green tones are great for hiding redness and then a apricot will brighten the skin. My Citrus colour corrector is great!

Question –  I have a reddish-brown hair colour, brown eyes and an ever so slight olive skin tone and I can never seem to get a blush that looks right on me. What tones do you suggest me going for? (Rebecca Ann)

Jemma – You should stay away from pinks especially cool toned pinks. Berry tones would look great on you, stains would be nice. Apricots and peaches would also work well.

Question –  What’s your number one stress-busting, ‘ be happy’ tip? I know that it stress can be a major factor in health and well-being? 🙂 (Steff Fry)

Jemma – My tips are salt baths, meditation and magnesium and rescue remedy are also great.

Follow up question –  I haven’t tried any of those before! Is the magnesium taken as a vitamin? 🙂 (Steff Fry)

Jemma – Magnesium can be taken as a supplement or a bath soak, it calms you

Question – I would like to know how to cover dark circles by finding a product that doesn’t highlight my lines at the same time please? (Hayley Seymour)

Jemma – If you set your concealer with a very light powder the product won’t crease highlighting lines.

Question –  I use your Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Crème which I love but do you have any other recommended products to use for a healthy dewy ‘glow’? (Victoria Wallace)

Jemma –  My mineral skin nourishing tint is fab for a healthy glow and it also has SPF so great for the summer:)

Question – How can I make my summer makeup shades look appropriate for autumn? (Casaba Bali)

Jemma –  You can keep the eyeshadow shades the same just go with a darker eyeliner.

Question – Did you always know that you’re going to be a successful enterpreneur with everything going as planned or did you deal with insecurities and times when it didn’t seem like everything is going to happen as you wished? What is your advice for young women who wish to succeed in life and business like you did? Also, what make-up colours do you recommend for this summer? (Ira Sanja)

Jemma – I had a panic disorder for years which created challenges throughout my life, but I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve and that has been my focus and it drove me on. My advice to you is work hard, be nice to everyone and don’t give up! I love nude colours for the summer, peaches, pinks and teals are also gorgeous!

Follow on question I also have a panic disorder, agoraphobia prevents me from getting out and about freely…. whats a really good winter face & body moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated during winter months when the heating is on and drying us all out….? sorry to mention winter on such a lovely summers day (Hayley Seymour)

Jemma –   Poor you, I find RODIN Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil amazing.

Question – What is the best way to apply blush so it doesn’t disappear within an hour on oily skin? (Jess Fish)

Jemma –  If you use a oil control primer and then set with a powder and then apply your blush on top it should last.

Question – How can l cover the spots of the skin? (Amalia Pellone)

Jemma –  My first advice would be to look at your diet, are you eating anything that is making it worse. Camouflage concealers are great, Laura Mercier does a good one, you will get real good coverage. Yellow and green tones are good to tone down the redness – my citrus colour corrector is great for this and then use your usual foundation on top. Set with a powder to make it last and keep it in place.

Question –  What foundation/concealer is best to use in order to cover hyperpigmentation? (Anna Tuckett)

Jemma – Best foundation to cover pigmentation, there are a few. My light as air is great as it is build-able and you can layer it on. You could also try something with more coverage like dermablend or laura mercier’s secret camouflage cream

Question – What do you think is the biggest beauty ‘no-no’, (but that people often still seem to commit!)? :/ (Steff Fry)

Jemma – The biggest beauty ‘no no’ that people tend to commit – people using too much of things – eyeliner, foundation etc

Follow on question – Ah ok so keep it minimal!! I was actually going to ask you as my next question -I never wear foundation as it seems to make my skin look really patchy – is there a good alternative you recommend to wear – or perhaps am I doing something wrong with me skin that would help? (Steff Fry)

Jemma – If you use a primer the foundation will go on much better. You could try using a tinted moisturiser, they are lighter my mineral skin tint is lovely.

Question – I see your new book is out in a few months. Loved your last one – what’s new in this one? (Dawn O’Malley)

Jemma –  The new book is more in depth than the last one. I really looked into nutrition, skin care and talked to industry professionals. There is also a fantastic problem solving section where we looked at different shaped eyes, mouths, eyebrows etc and how to taylor your make-up for each

Question – I always seem to wear the same colours pinks, nudes how do I try brighter colours without stepping too much out of my comfort zone . I am blonde with light skin but do use a soft glow fake tan frequently 🙂 x (Zoe Zakrzewski)

Jemma –  Try turquoise or emerald greens, try using eyeliners on just the upper lid and blend the colours. If you use just a touch and gradually build the colour until you reach the desired effect. Colour can often look strange until you apply mascara also – always worth remembering.

Question – What is your best advice for someone with oily skin, what foundation should i be looking for? (Laura Somers)

Jemma –  Have you tried using an oil control or mattifying primer? Use something with more silicone in it.

Question –  I have slight discolouration around my mouth, whats the best way to conceal that as even when wearing foundation you can still see a difference. (Rebecca Ann)

Jemma – Try something with a bit more coverage like dermablend for problem spots.

Question – Do you have any tips or tricks to help makeup stay on longer in this lovely weather? My skin isn’t oily at all but I find in the heat it melts off so quickly! Thank you 🙂 (Jessica Beautician)

Jemma – In the heat less is more. I tend to use tinted moisturizers or BB creams with an SPF in them, bronzer is also a must for summer months .

Question – How do you keep motivated? You do so much! What really keeps you going? 🙂 (Steff Fry)

Jemma – Best piece of advice I can give you is use make-up to enhance your features:)

Question – When doing someones face and their skin isn’t flawless how do you stop foundation from clinging to the dry particles and powder from caking a bit? Thanks!

Jemma –  A good primer will make foundation go on better, it give you a smooth base to build on.

Question – What is the best way to make my lip colour last? (Jade Lauren)

Jemma –  In the heat I tend to use less make-up, tinted moisturisers are great. If you need more coverage try setting foundation with a light powder.

Question – What’s your fav nail colour at the moment? (Hayley Seymour)

Jemma – I don’t really wear nail varnish, but when I do I like natural on my hands and vibrant on my toes.

Thanks to everyone who joined us. We look forward to doing another live question and answer session again soon!

HQhair | Anna x

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