If you haven’t already heard about O’right, chances are, you will soon. The eco-tastic, environmentally-friendly hair care brand has recently launched on HQhair, and we’ve been buzzing with excitement since. Boasting a range of wondrous hair care products, from the star in the making O’right Green Tea Shampoo Tree in the Bottle, to the luscious O’right Golden Rose Oil, this hair care range will leave your tresses enviously gorgeous – and you’re playing your part for the planet at the same time.

To try and help you decide what to try in this fab new range, we’ve selected our top five O’right products that we think are the collection’s shining stars. Happy shopping!

O’right Green Tea Shampoo – Tree in the Bottle

green tea tree in a bottleThis has got to be in the Top 5 – it would be seriously rude not to. The O’right Green Tea Shampoo – Tree in the bottle comes with seeds in a sealed compartment in the bottom of the shampoo’s bottle. So after you’ve used the shampoo (and your locks are blooming beautiful as a result), you can literally plant the seeds in soil and allow the bottle to break down over the year. The seeds will be released and a tree will begin to sprout. Carbon footprint covered – and gorgeous hair. You green goddess, you.

O’right Green Tea Moisturizing Cream

o'right moisturising creamInfused with certified organic green tea extract, the O’right Green Tea Moisturizing Cream provides 72 hours of long-lasting moisture retention. This lovely little cream replenishes moisture and immediately improves dry lacklustre hair, giving it a silky, smooth finish. A 100% yes in our books.

O’right Free Mind Mud

free mind mudWe definitely give the O’right Free Mind Mud the green light. Highly flexible, this hair mud breaks the boundaries and sees no restrictions, creating limitless hairstyles without the annoying stiffness which can often be associated with hair masks and muds. The mud doesn’t stick to hands either, so is great for easy styling and restyling. We’ll have a few, please!

O’right Golden Rose Oil

golden rose oilGetting to work to effectively repair and restore cuticle scales, the Golden Rose Oil by O’right tightens the hair follicle, whilst creating a lustrous shine. Formulated with natural ingredients including selected golden rose essential oil and water-soluble silicone, the oil prolongs the treatment effect working to leave your hair smooth, soft and silky.

O’right Smoothing Hair Lotion

goji berry smoothing lotionMade with 95% natural ingredients, including pro-vitamin B5, certified organic goji berry extract and active amino acids, the lotion gets to work to repair damaged hair and leave hair looking so silky and feeling lusciously smooth. As well as leaving your tresses gorgeously soft, the smoothing hair lotion nourishes your scalp to the core and helps boost metabolism – hello, enviously long locks!

So what are your favourite O’right products? Have you used any of the range mentioned above? Don’t forget you can shop the full range on HQhair with free delivery!

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