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Make Smarter Hair Habits with Aquis

Ever thought there should be a solution to hair taking forever to air dry? Forget the other hair towels you’ve tried in the past, we’re converted to all things Aquis. The hair turban to outshine the others, Aquis towels are made using innovative Aquitex fabric that works as hard as you do.

What Makes Aquis Towels Special?

Aquitex fabric is super absorbent, friction-free, and has been proven to cut down on drying time (saving precious minutes in the morning). The soft lightweight fabric helps to remove water quickly, gently and effectively without causing frizz or damage – it’s a win-win situation. When the hair is wet, it’s weaker and more prone to damage, which is why you should never blow-dry hair when it’s soaking wet. Take note.

Ultimately, Aquis hair turbans are great because they solve an age-old problem and have some seriously cute designs. Will you opt for Desert Rose, Cloudy Berry or Stormy Sky?

Now you know about Aquis hair towels, it’s time to add-to-bag




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