Want a way to ensure you get noticed?…every. single. day.

Follow your favourite famous female in every way by going for a bold and utterly crazy hair colour!

From beautiful blue do’s to green with envy blow outs, these celebrities leave no rainbow coloured stone unturned.

Here are a few of my favourite looks…

Nicki Minaj is a constant reminder that change is most definitely a good thing. Always stepping out with a new do, the rap superstar captivates the world with gravity defying, vibrantly coloured hair styles. Particularly loving the bright green bob for her I Am Your Leader video and the Yellow do for the VMA awards this year.

Katy Perry is no stranger to a dye job either, from pink to orange to blue to purple this lady has been around the colour block and tried everything. Falling in love with her purple locks that she rocked earlier this year for a quirky take on some gothic appeal.

Azealia Banks burst onto the scene with the super catchy 212, and now we’re loving her take on the hair dye trend. Sporting super mermaid style emerald locks during this years Paris Fashion Week she really did take the spotlight away from some of the designers.

Rihanna is quite possibly one of the biggest stars of our time, breaking music boundaries and records on a daily basis this woman is really on top of the world. One of her most famous and coveted looks was her fiery red hair she sported a few years ago. Seeing the sale in red hair dye rocket as many of us tried to replicate the bold look.

Tickle yourself Pink like Lily Allen or Avril Lavigne. Both wearing the style in their unique ways you can see why this is a popular choice for us girls. Sporting a strong all over colour like Lily is both edgy and feminine, however this choice is probably best for those who are brave enough to pull it off. If you still like this style but want something a little more subtle do an Avril and opt for strands of pink amongst your natural hair colour.

One of the biggest trends for this year has been pastel dyes. Go for a lilac wash like Kelly Osbourne to get a pretty yet fierce finish to your locks or like Ellie Goulding decide to go for a pink wash for an ethereal yet punky finish.

Which of these looks would you love to try?

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